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I was wondering if anyone could help me :)

I'm a 19 year old girl whose been admitted to hospital 3 times in the last 2 months due to severe pain. The first time it occurred I thought it was a stomach ulcer as I've been experiencing upper abdominal stabbing on and off for 2 years now. When i went to the hospital they thought it was appendicitis as my lower right quadrant was the most tender when they pressed on it. So I had an emergency appendectomy and for some reason the surgeons left my appendix in because it was fine but while they were in there they found scarring on my ovaries. They then diagnosed me with PID. So for the last 2 months I've seen an array of gynecologists and been on 5 different types of antibiotics.

After my first admission I was unhappy that the doctors were ignoring my upper abdominal pain so I saw my GP. I tested negative for celiac disease, but positive for H.Pylori. I was put on triple therapy and somac twice a day. In the mean time I was back in hospital with absolute severe pain with the inability to move because my abdomen hurt so bad. The doctors again treated me for PID with IV antibiotics and ignored my upper abdominal pain. After 7 days with no gastro consult I was really disappointed and left to follow up with a gastro doctor outside of the hospital.

I had an endoscopy done yesterday and the doctor said there was nothing visibly wrong with my stomach. He put me on nexium 40mg for the next week until I see him again.

I'm so frustrated and worried because since Ive been out of hospital this last time, I've been in constant pain and it's impacting on all aspects of my life. I've had to quit my job as a waitress because I can't work for more than 1 hour without being in pain and getting really bad nausea and these random hospitalizations have caused me to miss out on uni.

My symptoms when I'm having an attack are;
-stabbing pain in my upper abdomen (across the entire length)
-aching burn in my back
-Nausea with dry reaching
-Severe cramping that feels like my stomach needs to churn

Symptoms I get all day since leaving hospital last time;
-Gnawing burn in centre of abdomen (under sternum), feels like someones shoulder charging me over and over
-Light headed/dizziness
-Pain when stomach/intestines churn

Sorry for such a long story, I was just hoping that someone out there would've experienced something similar and give me some advice. I'm getting really distressed about my situation. :(

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