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Hiya, can i please ask a few questions of you ladies and gents as i feel i am going out of my mind.To cut a long story short i took ill 11 mnths ago, got such horrendous pain between my breasts and through into my back, i was having terrible palpitations which continue to this day on and off. I struggle to eat or drink even plain water at times the nausea is so intense. in the 1st 4 weeks of the illness i lost 25kgs in weight, and got to the stage i was terrified of food as food meant pain. i have since lost weight consistently but only when i have what i call a flare, but to some extent i am ill every day either the horrible sensations or pain. I get a terrible burning almost like heartburn but in my back and a throbbing which feels deep inside in the same place. i feel like all my insides are bein pushed upwards. lying down is worst, so sleep well its non existant im surviving on maybe 2 hrs a night disturbed sleep.I have finally found a doctor who isnt treating me like im some kind of freak and hes testing my pancreas, just been for a cat scan last week. my liver function tests are elevated and have been apparently for 7 yrs but no one told me this (. And in the mean time they took out my gallbladder for incidental stones. I hate the pain but the feeling like my heart is gonna explode outta my chest floors me i hate it. i also at same time started getting a very weird cold but buzzy feeling in my legs and torso, my feet are like ice even though they are red hot to touch, and i have terrible itching spells on my hands and feet. What i really want to know is could any of this really be my pancreas?
So sorry to whitter on but i just need someones advise, i will admit i am anxious now but before all this crash landed on me i was a very happy go lucky person who loved life. now i dont have a life i have an existence. please any replies will be very gratefully recieved. tyvm x forgot to say thanks to all the stress from this i have now given myself IBS, my new consultant has just diagnosed me with this and also thinks i may have SOD as a result of the gall bladder removal. i have low potassium. magnesium also. i just want to know really if anyone with pancreas problems gets any of these odd sensations? ty its been nice just to vent x

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