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New member
Jul 5, 2012
Hi I'm a new member and wanted to tell my story to try to get some possible insight. I have had stomach issues since I was in my 20's. I have had the barium test (20 yrs ago), colonoscopy (5 yrs ago) and endoscopy (5 yrs ago). My diagnosis was acid reflux, ibs, and hianal hernia. I should also mention I have Interstitial Cystitis, a bladder disorder which can sometimes be linked to IBS.

The past few yrs have been brutal for me and I have gained a lot of weight. About 50 lbs in the past 10 yrs :( Have anxiety and depression but my stomach can't seem to tolerate antidepressents so I've given up on that. I never really feel well. Went to see a new gastro dr a few months ago and she wanted to do another endoscopy and colonoscopy. colonoscopy just because my 82 yr old dad had a benign polym during his last colonscopy. I haven't scheduled yet. I got really really sick the last time I prepped for the colonoscopy. Because when I don't have some type of cracker, bread in my stomach I have a lot of pain and nausea. I can't vomit easily. Actually the last time I did was 16 yrs ago after surgery! A strange problem I know. Always feel nauseaous so sometimes I wish I could just vomit to feel better. I have afraid to go through the colonoscopy prep again. I can't put into words who sick I feel when my stomach is empty. Every morning I wake up and my stomach is killing me until I eat a banana or something light.

During my visit to the new gastro dr, she mentioned seeing in my chart when they did my tests 5 yrs ago there was a huge bubble of acid found in my stomach so she wanted me to get an xray. I did and she said there was a lot of acid in my stomach and her concern was I wasn't emptying so she put me on miralax. Took the first dose and got really dizzy and sick from it. So just this week I've been trying to take 1/2 packet a day to start out slow. I have been in a state for a week now.

When this happens here are my symptoms: very bloated feeling, breastbone hurts (likely the hyanial hernia acting up), nausea, somach pain and gurling, constipation and then sometimes diarrhea and fatigue. I know I need to get the tests done and I'm fine with the endoscopy but she wants to also do the colonoscopy and barium test. I also got really sick when I did the barium test when I was in my 20's. I'm also starting a new job so i can't be taking a ton of time off right now either.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to calm your system down when you are in the midst of a flare up of symptoms? Or any advice. I know I need to concentrate on diet and exercise more. Honestly the exercise is tough because I rarely feel good. Thanks for listening!

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