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So a few months ago I started having upset stomach and this was during the antibiotics I was on for a month. I got off the antibiotics and went on accutane for 5 months. The stomach problem kept progressing and 9 months later I'm at a point where I feel like If I wait anymore and don't treat this, my stomach will shut down. So heres how it started, I went on antibiotics about 9 months ago and I started to have indigestion. I was not passing enough stool for my stomach to be empty. Very few (once a week) I would have a normal bowel movement. It still didn't bother me because I thought antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria so I could take some probiotics to level it out. I went on accutane right after my antibiotics course and my indigestion kept getting worse along with the dryness from accutane that I was using to treat my acne. Accutane worked wonders, however, this stomach problem has completely ruined my life. At first my doctor said it was gastritis. I was put on proton inhibitors for 30 days. It worked for a week( I was having normal bowel movements everyday). Then during the third week, I had acid reflux symptoms( burning in my esophagus, heartburn, white coating on tongue, bad taste in mouth). Indogrstion
Came back so The doctor put me on H2 blockers ( Zantac). Before I even took Zantac, I got off every medication and my acid reflux improved a lot. I wasn't having burning and acid coming up
In my mouth. However I still had white coating on tongue and bad taste in mouth. My doctor said it is not oral thrush but I think it is since my doc a dumbass and not performing any tests. Anyway, my main problem is my stomach. I keep eating healthy and a small meals everyday but it keeps gettin stuffed in my stomach. I have no urge to have a bowel movement. When I do go its only a little bit and I have no hesitation to push it out so I could eliminate ibs since it isnt constipation or diarrhea. I don't really have bloating either. I do have feeling of fullness, I am
Never hungry anymore but I still
Keep Eating. I gave h2 blockers a change but did not really do anything. I have another appt with a different doctor in a few days but WHAT COULD THIS BE? Could this be an infection of some kind? I am not sure if it is gastritis since the meds didn't do anything and I have no stomach pain of any kind. I reached for days and pointed pointed out a few diseases that match some of my symptoms. Gastritis, GERD, IBS, gastroparesis, yeast infection in stomach. I don't think it's any kind of blockage in my Colon since I do pass stool daily but a tiny piece. I haven't gotten hungry in 8-9 months and now I'm depressed due this problem that has ruined my life. Oh yeah here's some OTC products I tried but didn't work, prune juice, miralax, couple antacids, stool softner, pepto bismol, kambucha tea, I eat fruits and vegetables, enough carbs, fiber. I drink a lot of water too. None of these producs have worked they just soften the little stool that is in my colon. *** am I going thru?

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