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[QUOTE=joykay13;5053582]I swear to God I feel like I,m dying! This problem has been going on for almost a month, but it really ramped it up when I was given a sack of garden tomatoes and began eating some every day to get rid of them. I have this extreme pain in my throat, going into my eustascion tube and ears. My stomach also hurts and the pain radiates into my upper back. I feel most of the time as if I have this huge ball in my throat that won,t go down and in the meantime my stomach is hurting and burning. My doctor says GERD and gave me Prevacid and it helped for about a week. Now its back with a vengence! If I drink a large drink of water whatever is in my throat seems as if it went down, but within minutes its back as bad as ever. I have no appetite and I,m afraid to eat if I was hungry. I,m at my wits end. I do not want to go through a battery of tests to be told yep! It,s GERD! wHT ISN,T THERE ANYTHING OUT THERE THAT HELPS? i,VE TAKEN IT ALL. gAS PILLS, BAKING SODA, ALSK SELTZER, PREVACID, ZANTAC, CARAFATE. nOTHING HELPS FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME.[/QUOTE]

Hi Joykay...Have you considered that you may be having esophigus spasums?
It is very painful, and often feels like you have food stuck in your upper esophigus, the pain can radiate into your back, shoulder, neck, jaw, and is the most painful thing in the world. Try starting your day with tea instead of solids, and when the pain starts get into a hot shower and let the water run on your back and shoulders and on your chest... ask your dr. about anti spasum medicaton. It wont stop it forever, but it will cut down on how often it happens. I think that maybe getting a little camera down your throat by the dr. to see what is going on in there is a good idea, it doesn't hurt at all, and they kind of put you in a twilight sleep and you don't even remember a thing, but they can see what is causing your pain before it gets worse and harder to treat. Im sorry your going threw this... I know its horrid.

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