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Never really any discomfort but sort of bloated after all meals no matter how small, and hard to say right after because it's usually a few hours later. And this is accompanied by bupring a lot. Very guttural and belching like burps. It's not a ton and not completely uncontrollable but it's noticeably odd how much. This burping also includes burping up some 'stuff' from the stomach, kind of acidic and the taste of what ever I had eaten hours before and sometimes a feeling of like a lump in the middle of my chest, not like food stuck nor like a big lump in the esphagus but a generally odd feeling along with the belching like there's something there wanting to be burped up. Again, this feeling comes by a few hours after eating whether it be a turkey sandwich or some soup or on the day I splurged for a football game and had a couple slices of pizza and so far it seems to come on and stay fairly constant whether i'm sitting, laying down or standing up/being active.

It actually almost feels like it is coming on when I should be hungry. When I do have that bit of bloating/gassy feeling eating actually helps subside it and I typically feel 100% after a meal and it's not until a few hours later that that bit of bloating and belching will start back up. I have been having regular bowel movements but oddly small, not like small and lumpy like i've read is common when constipated but just small and seemingly not enough to account for what I ate the previous day even though i've cut down on my food intake and eating much more regularly and a higher fiber diet it still seems like I should be having a larger movement each day.

Some of the likely misinformed google'n of symptoms points to things such as acid reflux to more severe things like gallbladder issues and everything between.

I have no insurance so hoping for some help/ideas before throwing money away. Is there some kind of specialist I should look into before wasting another visit to my family practice doctor or does this sound like it's just a body adjusting to a change in the diet? I would tend to think and hope it's the latter but still feel semi-worried about some of the symptoms and how they do seem to fit some things (especially the excessive burping) and that this started after spending a week being pretty sick.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!

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