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Hey Guys,
Every day I've have severe burning chest pain in the upper, center of the chest. It lasts for hours. Nothing helps it, Tums, Liquid Antacids, PPI's, etc.

One year ago, I had a heavy night of drinking screwdrivers. Had the worst acid reflux ever. Then, 2 days later, this problem started! It went away after month. Then, came back 9 months later with full force. Now I have been dealing with this EVERY day for 4 months straight!

It can burn for hours and the pain can be so bad I feel like I am going to pass out! 90% of the time, it's the severe deep burning in the chest. On occasion, it feels like a squeezing in there.
Often, I get food stuck in the center of chest while eating. I also have spasmodic burping coming from the throat that produces tons of little, tiny non-stop burps. When I drink water, it sometimes gurgles really loud in my stomach and esophagus. Sometimes drinking water will ease the pain for 2-3 seconds.

I've had a 24 hour holter monitor, stress echo, ekg's, etc and told it's not my heart.

I've see two GI's. With one GI doctor, I had an Endoscope which reveled "mild antral gastritis", so that GI said it was "Gastritis". Then I had an Upper Gi/Barium swallow, which revealed a "slight dysmotility" with a different doctor. That doctor said gastritis does not cause severe chest pains and this pain is esophageal spasms.

Can gastritis cause severe burning in the chest that lasts for 1-6 hours EVERY day for 4 months? I've made diet changes, lost 20 lbs, quit drinking coffee, alcohol and eat a bland diet. Nothing helps. I don't really have other gastritis symptoms. Maybe a touch of nausea at times. No burning in the stomach, just the chest!

Everyone on here seems to have better experience than many GI's. So, in your experience, does this sound like Gastritis or Esophageal Spasms?

PLEASE chime in, this is making me nuts! Thanks guys.

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