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I too am trying to figure out what that type of "pain" is. It is more of a very uncomfortable feeling than pain.

I started having lower left quadrant pain back in April and went to the doctor in June because the pain was radiating up my abdomen and down my leg. Since then, it has morphed into stabbing lower left abdomen pain and that upper left feeling of a basket ball being under my ribs. Sometimes it gets very, very painful but it is usually always there as just an uncomfortable feeling. Often, I tilt to the right to make it feel better.

Since June, I have had two ultrasounds, a CT and most recently, a KUB. They found a scary looking cyst on my left ovary which was removed, but it didn't help the pain. They found a left kidney stone which was 5 mm but didn't think that would cause the pain. The second ultrasound showed that the kidney stone had grown to 1.3 cm in four months so I am having it blasted out next month. They tell me that this can all be kidney pain.

I also have gallbladder adenomyosis, whatever the heck that is, but that is on the right.

Everything else appears fine.

I also get shoulder pain occasionally when this basketball is acting up so makes me think it's gas but I do not have any other gastritis symptoms.

I have my GI app't next week and I'm sure he'll just schedule a colonoscopy and endoscopy. May be I'll get answers there.

Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your post. I just wanted to let you know I'm going through the same thing and I'm working on getting it solved because I'm sick of this (yup! I am!). But did they mention anything about your kidney or kidney stones? Could that be a possibility?

Best wishes for a resolution.

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