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Hello everyone! This is my first time here, pretty surprised I never went looking for a health board before :P I've had various stomach/digestion issues since age 13, following with anxiety. By June of 2011 I was cutting out gluten and alcohol and dealing with an ulcer, followed by cutting out lactose. I was never tested for these irritabilities, because over the last year my doctor has really not done anything for me in the slightest except write me off for medical leave. I basically just want to post my information and ask if anyone has any advice for me, because the doctors have not diagnosed me with literally anything since then. They just keep telling me I'm fine, I'm fine and basically the only things they'll do for me now is a colonoscopy and now I have a dietitian. To make things easier, I've made lists!

[B]Various Symptoms:[/B]
Nausea constant, gets worse depending on the situation
Nauseaus drinking water ocassionally
Heartburn ocassionally
Various pains through out the day
Inability to throw up ever
Stomach never settled
Burning pains in stomach
Acid reflux most of the time (made worse by Zantac etc.)
Can't tell the difference between hungry and sick
Inability to burp always
Feeling of explosions in intensines
Hiccups on and off every day
Hiccups as soon as I go outside
Irritability to most foods
Difficulty swallowing
Very little saliva
Exhaustion / weakness
Frequant urination
Heavy feeling in chest (I describe it as "starch-y")
"Tired" joints
[I](Maybe more symptoms if I can think of them.. this is all from the top of my head)[/I]

[B]Things I have cut out:[/B]
Gluten (Wheat and maltodextrin, haven't been able to figure out oats yet)
Lactose (Eggs, milk, butter, yogurt, cheese, etc)
High acidic foods (Oranges, tomatoes, etc)
Alcohol (mostly)

[B]Things I'm still having difficulty with:[/B]
Corn Starch?
Any kind of starch? (getting the 'starch-y' feeling from apples, rice, corn starch, thick sauces and of course gluten)

[B]Things I have tried:[/B]
Various acid reflux medications (Zantac, Prevacid, Nexium, and a couple others I cant remember the name of)
Vitamin B12, D and Magnesium (which only helps the anxiety and weakness a bit. these I perscribed myself because my doctors are useless)
Barium enema
ultrasound (colon etc.)
Family doctor
Stomach specialist
Acidophilus (somewhat helpful)
Digestive enzymes (somewhat helpful)

If anybody has any information at all it would be greatly appreciated! I am so miserable from this all the time I would just very much like to have one hour where I'm not uncomfortable. :(

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