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I am 22 years old (female), and for most of my life I've been pretty gassy (no burping at all really, the other end of passing gas ;]). I remember in high school i started wearing baggy clothing because my stomach always looked bloated (I'm very thin).
Well here's some diet background,
I've always eaten pretty salty foods
I recently quit eating gluten (which hasn't helped too much)
It got a lot worse after i started drinking alcohol

Recently it's felt a lot worse, sometimes my stomach hurts (fells like its turning in pain) right after I eat my first bite of food, and then my stomach is bloated and it hurts. I get very gassy after sometimes.

My bowel movements are completely normal. At the moment it hurts to even push on my stomach, and I feel a lot of gas. Sometimes I can push on my stomach/intestinal area and move the gas bubbles around.I have been drinking alcohol a lot more lately. My stomach is also kind of noisy after eating.

Does anyone else have these problems? The pain when pushing on my stomach freaks me out and i'm always afraid I have stomach cancer!

Also dairy does not bother me, I am not lactose. But ANYTHING carbonated makes me bloat up. A lot of food does. I pass gas constantly sometimes.

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