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I was told that the gall bladder can affect your pancreas. I just had my gall bladder removed 12 days ago. I've also had pain off and on for years. However, this time the pain never went away it was horrible! My Hida showed my gall-bladder functioning at 5%

I would suggest looking into the holistic approach. I wish I could have done that...or would have done that. I'm not any better after surgery. I was in so much pain that wouldn't let up I was desperate and had the surgery. I feel it was a mistake now.

Good luck
Are your pains from the surgery - incisions, gas to inflate not dissipated yet, eating fat too soon, etc? If so, that is normal and wil go away.

Also, if you still have pancreatitis, it can take weeks and months to see a difference after going on the diet for it. What treatment are you on for it?
No, the pain is not from my surgery. I'm getting severe pain where my gall bladder used to be, middle of my abdomen, back and sometimes a little pain on the left side. It's a little different from the pain before surgery.

Before surgery I had severe pain that wouldn't let up for up to 12 hours after eating something and the vomiting. Then the pain was gone.

Now I have pain that fades in and will be severe for a little while then get more mild and then more mild and go back to severe. All this can happen within a short amount of time and I have vomiting as well. This lasts longer though as it doesn't just stop hurting after 12 hours like before. I drank some Boost yesterday around 2 or 3ish and only drankk a few sips. I've been in pain and nausous ever since. I vomitted a lot yesterday and last night. The pain continues on today and I'm very tired.
I have called my surgeon. He did blood work on Friday and I called again on Saturday. He told me to go to the ER so I did and they did tests. They gave me pain meds and took some blood work and sent me home.
I called my surgeon again (his cell phone) on Sunday and he said he was puzzled by this and will run tests this week. His office called me today and scheduled me for a MRI for Wed.

To K2626,

Did you have a Hida scan or a pancreatitis function test? My sonogram came back ok for my gall bladder and my Hida came back showing my gall bladder was functioning at 5%.

I've been to the ER 5 times in the last month and thought after my surgery I'd finally be back to normal and I'm still going through this. Very frustrating!

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