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This will be my first post on this forum after perusing it for the past few months. I've also been suffering from gastritis for the past 2 months now with symptoms of nausea, which in the beginning would last from waking up to all day, abdominal discomfort, bloating after meals mostly at night, and in general just feeling low energy, not myself at all.

Unfortunately these health problems are a rude awakening at 22 years old. In the beginning to deal with nausea I would try eating plain foods like crackers, some chicken broth soup with potatoes, lots of white rice, apple sauce, ginger ale and ginger tea to help feel better. My gastroenterologist recommended a probiotic called Align, if you check reviews online like on amazon there's tons of great reviews for it from people suffering from digestive troubles. They sell it at the drugstore like CVS and the supermarket for 30 dollars for 4 weeks worth of capsules. I take it everyday and it really has helped me feel better, I feel more normal and can go out more frequently with family without worrying if I will feel sick. I even started a part-time job which I really didn't think I could do in June.

Probiotics reintroduce good bacteria into the intestines, which is crucial if there's an imbalance causing you to feel ill. I also started to do yoga everyday for 30 mins which helps me feel calmer and is good exercise without too much strain. Also I drink two small cups of aloe vera juice after dinner everyday which helps with digestion. I found eating sweet potatoes is yummy and good for you, as well as steamed spinach for iron, and cutting out carb heavy foods like pasta and bread. Canned tuna is also easy and healthy in moderation. As always a simple chicken breast is healthy and easy enough for the stomach to digest. I try to stay positive because in general I feel a lot better than before when all I could do is lay down feeling miserable so please hang in there! Not saying I'm cured since I'm not even sure that's possible and I'm still careful, but it has become a lot more manageable and I feel a lot healthier with the help of others on forums like these.

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