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Hey all. I will be short and sweet.

About one week ago, I suddenly started feeling nauseous and had stomach pains. Was tested for Appendicitis and that was not the case.

Now, a week later the pain has somewhat shifted to the upper abdomen. I have little to no appetite and bowl movements are not what there were previous to feeling this way (Far less common).

At a glance:

- Upper stomach pain, but it can move to lower abdomen and back up again. (Neither left or right) Just like a stomach ache.
- When I drink water, I get instant relief for about 2 seconds
- When I go to sleep, it goes away. But as soon as I wake up, it is back again.
- Seems to be worse in the mornings
- Slight nausea
- Originally not sure what it was brought on by, but seemed to have started when I ate

After seeing the doctor numerous times some diagnosis's were:

- Stomach infection
- Acid reflux
- Constipation

Has anybody had anything similar to this? If so how did you deal with it?
I am awaiting results of a new blood test to see if they can find anything.

I have never had anything like this before either.

Thanks for the insight

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