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At the start of the summer, I noticed that I wasn't feeling hungry, ever. I was going to the bathroom normally, and was still eating normal portions of food, but the only sign of the need for food, was a feeling of no energy. Besides that, my stomach felt full to some degree, even if I hadn't eaten all day. After I ate, the no energy feeling would always go away. In the middle of the summer, I had a bad case of constipation wich took me over a month to recover from. After that event, my lack of hunger persisted, and I had completely forgotten the feeling of hunger. I continue to eat, but having no hunger means I don't feel satisfied either... So it is difficult to know how much to eat. I am a vey active, healthy eating 15 year old boy and have stumped my gasterologist. I have tryed ungodly amounts of fiber, laxatives, including GoLytely, but they havn't solved my problem. Any clues as to how I might solve my problem?

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