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Not sure if I posted this in the wrong section - I really didn't know where to put it. I'm a 28 year old male, normal weight/height, no disaeses, allergies, don't do drugs, nothing to stand out really.

I don't drink alcohol very often, maybe once a month or so, and I've never had any issues with it. In early October I went out with a friend, got pretty hammered and ended up vomiting relentlessly a few times afterwards. I didn't think I drank *that* much as I barely ever vomit for drinking and I was a bit surprised to find myself feeling that nauseous, but maybe it was a normal reaction. I felt ok by the next day and there wasn't any blood in the vomit or anything like that.

I can't recall when exactly this started, but within the first 48 hours of the incident for sure. I started feeling a sensation of fullness on the left side of my stomach, somewhere under my bottom left rib or thereabouts - closer to the side than the center. The best I can describe is that I feel like there's a tennis ball stuck in there under the bones, pushing against the bones. I wouldn't describe it as pain, but more like EXTREME uncomfort, although at times it's flat out painful.

I can feel it the most when I sit or lay down. Falling asleep is hard because it's extremely difficult to find a good position. The best has been laying on my left side and putting a pillow or cloth below the spot so that it's being "pressed" from the outside. Once I fall asleep I'm fine and don't wake up beacuse of the sensation. But when I wake up in the morning I feel it immediately (before eating breakfast). Also, any kind of pressing around with my fingers or whatever helps. When I stand up or walk I can barely feel it, but other than that the sensation is continuous.

I have had some issues with my diaphrgam in the past (years ago), with what I'd call a very mild case of hiatus hernia (never was officially diagnosed). These symptoms haven't got any worse following this incident and I don't feel a clear connection between them.

I have been to four different doctors, had all possible blood tests done, urine samples, had a chest x-ray (this included checking my ribs and heart were fine), and an abnominal ultrasound. They found absolutely nothing. I've been to two physiotherapists and an osteopath who's supposed to be very good. They haven't found anything either.

When the sensation started it wasn't like a striking pain out of nowhere, and I don't recall feeling it immediately upon waking up hungover. I've always generally eaten healthy, and when that started I figured it was something to do with the alcohol/vomiting, so I stopped consuming alcohol for a full 2 months and stopped eating greasy foods etc entirely. Basically I did my best to soothe my stomach with all the good stuff and avoiding anything that's hard to digest. Two months later this has been of absolutely no help, but instead the symptoms have actually got a bit worse. Not dramatically, but the sensation is a bit stronger, and now I also feel actual pain around the same spot after eating. You know the feeling when you eat too much and then for some reason have to run and have that sharp pain in your stomach, or what some people seem to generally get from running sometimes? It's pretty much that, except that all I have to do is drink a glass of water or eat a fruit and it hurts when I just slowly walk.

It does seem to react to heavy meals even worse. A couple of days ago, having been to so many doctors with no results, I got a bit mad and went "**** it" and had the greasiest burger king meal you can think of (first fast food meal in months). After that it hurt quite a lot and the sensation of fullness was so strong I felt like I'd eaten a cow, I had to walk a little bit slower on my way home until the worst of it passed.

My digestive system has been working entirely normally the whole time. My stools have been normal and with normal intervals, no blood or anything. My stomach has felt a little bit bloated overall but nothing dramatic, and it's something I've had for a long time on and off. Basically there seems to be nothing wrong with any of my body functions except for this one spot which is driving me crazy. I doubt I've been awake for longer than 10 minutes in the last 2,5 months without having thought of it. I can exercise normally, although I don't particularly feel like doing abs or anything around that area, but I suspect I could without troubles. I tried taking a month off doing any sports and it didn't help at all. Now I've been exercising regularly doing light sports like swimming mostly, and it hasn't either helped it or made it worse. Doing exercise I don't feel any kind of pain nor the sensation of fullness, but it comes back soon afterwards. Sitting in any kind of chair is super annoying and I find myself switching positions to all kinds of weird back-killing postures leaning to my right side just to get the pressure off my side.

All the pain and sensations are strictly on the left side. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? The doctors are puzzled and basically said they've done everything they can. I'm going to a 3rd world country soon for a couple of months and I worry this could be something that'd result in me requiring medical attention. One last thing I forgot to mention is that I have been quite stressed for some time. I don't know if this is related, it'd be a weird timing at least with the vomit incident and all, but I thought I'd mention that. In that front the holiday is probably going to be a good thing.

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