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I am a young 22 year old male with a history of upper right quadrant pain (sometimes dull, sometimes cramping/tightening and sometimes upon deep breathing) , heartburn/GERD, chest and back pain for over a year. I was completely healthy until a alcohol binge on my 21st birthday (which I neither planned for or am proud about). I immediately had upper right quadrant dull but significant pain for a few hours. Within the next few weeks and months, all of my current problems began popping up one after another. Anyways, I've had several ultrasounds, liver functional tests, pancreatic enzyme tests, HIDA Scans & an upper endoscopy since then. Everything came back normal except for my first ultrasound that showed sludge and a HIDA scan of 96% Ejection Fraction which was a suspected "Hyperkinetic Gallbladder". Eventually one week ago, I had a laparoscopic gallbladder surgery and right now I'm feeling OK. I still have heartburn, chest and back pain and some vague upper right quadrant pain but not nearly to the extent it was before. I also haven't had any intense acute pain since surgery (had that a few times before).

I've also had some stinging/burning sensations all over my body (arms, legs, head, abdomen, chest) that appeared starting 9 months after the initial incident that can sometimes be itchy. This is particularly a problem around my right side abdomen and middle and upper right back. Some days/weeks it doesn't bother me too much and others it can be more irritating, especially after exercising and taking hot showers. This problem has continued in the past week post-surgery.

Here is the pathology report:

"Received in formalin is a gallbladder 8.0 cm in length x 2.0 cm in average diameter. The external surface is purple tan and finely vascularized. The hepatic bed is brown-tan and ragged. Upon opening the specimen, there is green viscous bile. No calculi are seen No mucosal lesions are seen."

Surgery Report also mentions:

"The gallbladder was grasped and pulled over the liver. There were adhesions to the gallbladder which had to be removed and lysed all the way done to the area of Morion's pouch. "

I read online that a purple gallbladder is a sign of necrosis (or death of body tissue) and gallbladder adhesions are often caused by inflammation/cholecystitis and/or gallstones, etc.

Despite the lack of finding of gallstones or thickened walls in my gallbladder, can I be certain that these signs point to SOMETHING pathological happening with my gallbladder? And if so, is it possible that my continued heartburn/chest pains/GERD will heal over time -- or should this have been resolved immediately after surgery if the gallbladder is the cause of these symptoms?

Any other insight/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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