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For the past 10 years I've had a lot of stomach problems, I would bloat very badly every time I ate and in the beginning, I had a ton of pain. I think they stemmed from the use of ibuprofen on an empty stomach A few years ago, I very abruptly got all of the symptoms of what I thought was thyroid disorder, but now I think it is leaky gut. I've been on the elimination diet for the past month because it is the only thing that has caused any relief from my stomach symptoms (but not all of the brain fog and tiredness of the past few years). For the first week I had no bloating, but after about the first week, I started to bloat a little right after I at baked chicken drumsticks. I read that some people have issues with saturated fats in meat, but I rarely hear anything about stomach symptoms, it's almost always things that happen in the intestines. I really haven't had any issues with bowel movements over the past few years, I was very regular. Today, I read that sometimes people with leaky gut have issues with low levels of acid in their stomachs, so I took some remedies, sauerkraut and apple vinegar cider, but my stomach bloated too. I'm wondering if anybody has any information on this bloating. Like I said, almost all of my digestive symptoms have taken place in my stomach and there's just not a lot of talk about symptoms in the stomach, but instead it's mostly the intestines. I actually want to start GAPS to try and heal my digestive system, but with all the saturated fats and meat in it, I'm a bit worried.

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