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... Hi All On Saturday Morning that has gone, round about 1:45 GMT I was cleaning down the kitchen I had sudden severe Lower AD (Abdoman) pain. I was mopping the floor the pain got worse and worse when I was bending over so I had to mop the floor standing streight until I had to take the trolly away to bin yard. This is when the pain was very bad even when I moved slightly.... (4 replies)
New here HELP
May 15, 2014
... I'm new here, so I will give the best background I can while keeping it short. My childhood was semi-normal, was very active in sports, and extremely healthy. Age 17, I was diagnosed with Minimal Change Disease via a kidney biopsy, I had 40lbs of adema and was spilling 13000 of albumin per 24 hour. Treatment was 150mg prednisone every other day for 12 months, taper... (11 replies)
... I have never had any problems. I am 46 years old. My right side always has a constant ache and when I eat it gets worse. After I eat, and not much, my stomach is so bloated that it hurts. I have been taking otc for constipation which makes it worse. It caused severe pains in my lower abdoman. I'm thinking this is my age but not sure what to take. (3 replies)

... but my new thing is pancreatic cancer. I have had abnormal color stools a few times but goes right back to normal. It's just so annoying living like this. I had abdoman ultrasound 2 years ago and it came back normal. Blood tests 2 years ago were good little fatty liver but dr said no cause for concern. ... (2 replies)
... since my lower left abdoman is in pain and so is my left groin...I guess I can wait till tomorrow without vomiting. ... (7 replies)
... It still amazes me how the 28 feet of intestines run all over the abdoman and other organs are just squeezed in different places -- we are all different. But, having that problem above the naval is very unusual !! The abdo-- most of the time don't look like the pictures in the Doctor's Offices.. Harry (9 replies)
... Yes it could be the gall bladder. Usually with your gall bladder you will experience a burning pain in your right upper abdoman towards your chest and various other symptoms. ... (1 replies)
... Hi everyone, i'm 22 year old male and abit confused as to whats going on with me.. i have had stomach problems overall for maybe 4 months, i was told i had Gastritis, and IBS.. cause before my issues with my stomach it was my bowels.. i get a wierd pressure full feeling in my abdoman, its wierd cause it feels like it wants to growl but it doesnt, its feels like i'm being... (3 replies)
... it is not a matter of working out air trapped in the abdoman cavity. ... (6 replies)
... Forensicmom, The gas that is used to inflate your abdo during surgery is carbon dioxide and if it is not totally remove during the surgery-- it converts to carbolic acid. That initates the upper abdoman & intestines until it it absorbed by the body, That is just carelessness on the Doctor's part --- a very different problem from a collasped lung. Harry (6 replies)
Mastic Gum
Mar 10, 2007
... LadyB, Sorry for all the pain and anxiety!! As you know with answers come more questions. Is the pain you're having below your ribs? Was the endoscope test done before your HIDA Scan or after? Were you treated for H pylori bacteria infection before your GB surgery ? 85% of all ulcers are caused by H.pylori bacteria. If it's not an ulcer or gastritis--- then I think... (25 replies)
Just dignosed
Oct 4, 2006
... i am having a endoscopy tomarrow and i am wondering if anyone has a bunch of lumps in there abdoman and if so could this have something to do with celiac? ... (1 replies)
... in my stomache chest felt like a heart attack and all over my back bad diarehha. so today went to the emergency room they were taking all these chest x rays and abdoman x rays just found out today i have gastritis. ... (8 replies)
... hey, i have alot of the same symptoms you have, and have had them for awhile now, a little over a year to be exact. I had an endoscopy, and it showed an ulcer right at the opening of the esophageaus. My symptoms are, nausea sometimes, pain in the leftarea of my abdoman, either lower or upper, its more upper, and hurts worst at night, its right at my breastbone. Sometimes, it... (31 replies)
... That is the area where your esophagus connects to your stomach, it also divides the chest cavity from your abdoman and the place where a hiatal hernia forms in many people-- it is a very sensitive area loaded with alot of nerves and unusual muscles-- My guess is it is a muscle spasm or cramp?? Lack of magnesium in your diet can cause this God Bless---Harry (1 replies)
... Hello, First of all, let me thank everyone who has read this and posted a reply. This issue has bothered me for the past few days and was wondering if this has happened to anyone else. A few weeks back I went to see my doctor for dizziness, chest pain, and nausea. They did all kinds of tests, and basically found out that everything was fine. He eventually diagnosed my... (0 replies)
... Just like to say hi to all, was reading the posts and never gave mag. a thought, I too have been haveing stomach problems, gas, pain in the chest and lower abdoman was put in the hospital 3 times in 2 years, doc told me is was gerd put me on protonix that didnt help so he double it, I hate drugs so i did some research and found that a digestive enzyme high in protease and... (39 replies)
Abdominal pain
Apr 27, 2003
... I sometimes have an uncomfortableness in my lower abdoman region along with the pain, that makes me think I should be having a bowel movement soon, sometimes for days I'll feel like that and NOT go. ... (10 replies)

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