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... st 3 years ago but I was just looking around and found them. I have a simliar problem......About 6 years ago, sometimes when I would bend over, I would get this charlie horse in my upper abdominal area..under my left breast. It would come and go. Id get it maybe 2 or 3 times a year. I had my gall bladder taken out 2 years ago. ... (11 replies)
... I have this severe cramping in my lower abdomin. Feels like a charlie horse mixed with extreme gas pains which feels worse than child birth(which I have gone through 2 times after being induced with no pain drugs.)This cramoing feeling is the worst feeling I have ever experienced. It doesn't happen often, maybe once every few months but when it does happen it can last for 30... (1 replies)
... hat I was diagnosed with gastritis and my diet of late is awful. ALOT of fast food and soda. Also, alot of fried food. Ive been good for the past 2 weeks but the charlie horse feeling is still there. I am also about 50 pounds overweight. ... (11 replies)

... I had my gallbladder out 2 years ago. 11 months later I had an attack like a gallstone but worse. Started with an uncomfortable, tight pain under the middle of breasts. Then it felt like my entire abdomen went into a charlie horse (leg cramp). Sweating and panting cause that's the only way I could breath. It lasted 15-20 minutes then was gone like it never happened. I... (11 replies)
... It could be IBS, if you don't get relief from IBS treatment however, I'd recommend you get tested for Celiac Disease. That twisting, gut wrenching, wringing out, feeling-like-your-guts-are-falling-out horrible experience is very familiar to many folks with Celiac. Your description reminded me of my mother's description of her Celiac pains. Celiac is inherited and often... (1 replies)
... Have you been evaluated for Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction? I, too, suffer from recurrent pain post gallbladder removal. It comes and goes, but feels simiar to the pain I experienced prior to having the GB removed. (11 replies)
... I tried Nexium but that didn't prevent them so I quit those. Before Atkins I used to drink a lot of milk. I had forgotten the many nights I woke up with the "prepain", the under the breast pain. Several times I could drink a cup of milk and it would stop. But somtimes it didn't and it would then go into the "contraction" pain as I call it. When I had the ultrasound... (11 replies)
... I know what you mean...I took food allergy shots for 3 years because my allergy Dr. and I could not find the common denomenator that triggered an attack. I was still having them 1-4 times a week so I took myself off of everthing. I now take nexium daily and use the "Pink Lady" when an attack threatens and within 30 min to an hour I can go on with my life with no side effects.... (11 replies)
... Thanks for the replies. I'm in OKC so Edmond is close. Six years? That disturbing. With mine lasting 20 minutes I don't even have time to get to an ER. I work for doctors and wouldn't mind having one at work so they could see. Mostly they wake me up but I've had a couple while awake. I've kept track of what I ate on the day of an attack. Since I started Atkins in... (11 replies)
... oh, one more thing I forgot to mention.... sometimes I get phantom pains that last for a minute or two. My GI doc said that it is most likely from adhesions and scar tissue. (11 replies)
... Is it possible that there could be something blocking the common bile duct? When I had an ultrasound before my surgery, it showed that nothing was in the bile duct. However, my liver function tests were very elevated so my surgeon insisted on an ERCP before surgery. My gastro dr went in endoscopically and found a ton of stuff blocking my common bile duct that he had to clean... (11 replies)
... Kim, I forgot to mention that I got a post from Harry this morning (he is a moderator) and he talked about magnesium deficiency. Look at my posts...he may be contacting you as well. See ya Fran (11 replies)
... Kim, I am also in Oklahoma...we have to take care of each other! I have also suffered with the same symptoms for 6 years. I just got diagnosed this summer but the good news is I also found a treatment that works well for me. I have an Rx for a compound that is 3 equal parts of the active ingredients of pepto bismol/benedryl and viscous lidocaine. Sherry's pharmacy in Edmond... (11 replies)
... Hi kim_okla...we may have similar problems. I too have had my GB out ...15 yrs ago. I also get this pain or tightening just under the breast bone. i can feel the pain all the way through to my back as well. Can't catch my breath sometimes. Have gone to emerg many times as it can get real bad! They gave me uscle relaxer pills which don't really help much. I take... (11 replies)
... This is very long but its a very complex problem. Please read this if you think you can help or have similar symptoms as listed below --------------------------- Hello, I've been searching the internet for the last year about my problem and can't find any answeres. I've been seeing a doctor for the last year or so and have been on Aciphex (which worked for awhile,... (3 replies)
Mastic Gum
Mar 10, 2007
... I'm going to look up your suggestion on abdominal anatomy to see what's on the left. Kinda scary though, cause I just kept hoping this pain in the upper left will just go away. ... (25 replies)
... d a few of those sort of incidences and I assumed that is was a spasm or 'charlie horse' like cramp. It usually passes quickly. I have also been suffering from abdominal pains, nausea and URQ discomfort for months now. I have been given the IBS diagnosis but I am having a hard time accepting it. ... (3 replies)

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