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... stomach muscles are involuntarty in nature. However, the abdominal muscles, which cover a vast area, from the pelvis to up under the ribcage aways, are voluntary. ... (6 replies)
... fluttering in my upper abdominal area like a baby kicking almost all of the time. ... (0 replies)
... it is your abdominal aorta, most likely. ... (4 replies)

... months later, January 2015, I began to get a lot of abdominal pressure, bloating and BMs that greatly differed in color, consistency, and odor. This continued for a year before I sought medical attention. ... (4 replies)
... I'm the same age as you and have had similar symptoms, per your recommendation on other threads, I will see my Dr...but what's weird, is I'm basically at your "day 1" stage and have been for about 4 to 6 months off and on, with only a slight worsening to somewhere between your day 1 and day 2 the last couple weeks. Never had a fever or anything else other than a flu or... (7 replies)
... For every attack of Diverticulitis, it seems to follow the same progression for me. The first time I had a bad bout of Diverticulitis, I did what some guys do, I vowed not to go to the doctor unless I felt like dying. Here is a day by day description of my first bad bout with Diverticulitis: Day 1 - Fluttering sensation in lower left quadrant of my abdomen, followed by... (7 replies)
... er 2 weeks of that, i had some Chinese food that made me very sick. I had very intense pain but day after it went away. Couple days later, I've been experiencing abdominal discomfort on the right side of the coastal rib cage around where the gall bladder is. ... (6 replies)
... Linda, I hope you were able to resolve your gallbladder problems. Did you ever find out what a high gallbladder ejection fraction meant? Mine was 94%, the highest GEF that the GI specialist had ever seen. Though it fell outside the normal range (35%-75%) the GI specialist congratulated and dismissed me. My classic gallstone symptoms continued for months and then stopped... (8 replies)
... I am new to your board and was wondering if anyone else gets this. I am getting some heartburn but I am burping a lot. I had a fluttery type feeling in my entire abdominal area for weeks, now my stomach feels like it does a flip off and on, almost like a palp but happens so fast I cannot check my pulse. ... (0 replies)
At wits end
Dec 7, 2003
... Oops! Forgot something. I was going to post the symptoms for anxiety attacks. - rapid or fluttering heartbeat - difficulty breathing - frequent yawning, dry mouth - chest pain - nausea, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, gas pains, "butterflies" - flushing, excessive perspiration, cold sweats, shifts in body temps - urgency to urinate, frequent urination - aching muscles or... (5 replies)
... Cardiologist and endocrinologist have ruled out heart and hormonal problems. Abdominal ultrasound, CT scan, colonoscopy, endoscopy have all been normal. ... (8 replies)

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