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... I am new to the list. I posted the other day about having acid reflux and I tried the ACV which really has worked. But, I still have pain in the area under my ribs and on the right side. ... (0 replies)
... Hi! I get that a lot too and think it is probably GERD or acid reflux. I would say almost every day I have some degree of feeing queasy for a period of time, but generally it passes. ... (2 replies)
May 17, 2005
... Sorry to say but it could be MANY different things from acid reflux, indigestion, ulcer, gastritis, gastroparesis, h. pylori bacteria, Gallbladder disease all the way to an ear infection! ... (1 replies)

... get really nauseous I get very spitty, if there is such a thing, meaning I get a lot of excess salvia in my mouth. I think it probably has something to do with acid reflux? ... (62 replies)
... Well thanks for that, I have acid reflux but I did not know this was a symptom of it. I think it is kind of strange that it still happens even when I have not eaten very much though. ... (62 replies)
... urn yellow! This we know now was because of the stones blocking the duct. All I can say is she is so happy she had the proceedure. She had been diagnosed with acid reflux and suffered from bad heart burn. Come to find out it was the gallbladder all along. ... (5 replies)
... Look on these boards for my theory on "burbling" --it includes info re gas in the stomach & the burping mechanism...It may be at play here in your case. I plan to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist next week----allopathic medicine has done next-to-nothing for me. I have an upper endoscopy Friday & if no acid reflux damage shows up, I'll have to assume gas & my... (2 replies)
... If you are having stomach problems such as heartburn, acid reflux, nausea, you might want to check if you are drinking enough water. Sometimes doctors fail to recognize heartburn as a sign of dehydration. ... (1 replies)
... do people experience worse symptoms the morning after drinking alcohol? i always seem to have worse stomach pains and nausea than usal (its not just hangover) thank you for your help (2 replies)
Feeling Nauseous
Feb 27, 2006
... not sure since Acid Reflux is kind of new to me.. ... (1 replies)
... When I was 18 I started having constant nausea for a days after visiting the dr I was told it was an H pylori infection and some how they decided that I have acid reflux which I has no symptoms of at the time and put me on some antibiotics and ppi's. ... (0 replies)
... terrible taste in my mouth, overwhelming fatigue, excessive belching, vertigo on occasion, hoarseness, upper respiratory symptoms like coughing and runny nose, reflux that I can feel come into the back of my throat. ... (5 replies)
... quite limited. For example, dysphagia from reflux disease, e.g. ... (4 replies)
... Now I am puzzled as to why I am having nausea everyday for the past year and a half. ... (5 replies)
... reflux, lactose intolerance. i didn't have the reflux either but a lot of gas and pain. I lost 18 lbs and now I'm stable with no more loss of weight. I changed my diet also which caused me to lose the weight. ... (2 replies)
... h me during the upper GI so I was sent to both a gastroenterologist and a general surgeon who specializes in former gastric bypass patients. Turns out that I had REFLUX because my tiny little stomach was in my esophagus. ... (1 replies)
... My doctor gave me Zantac 150 mg twice a day for a prescription much stronger than over the counter. It took two weeks to finally kick in and my acid reflux has gone away or under control. I don't know how long PPI take to work when you first take them but my belching is gone. ... (4 replies)
... My symptoms were persistent nausea and dryness in my throat. So I had an upper GI endoscopy back in August and was diagnosed with GERD and esophagitis. ... (5 replies)
... I have acid reflux and constipation problems as well. Both problems have a lot to do with your diet. ... (2 replies)
... It all started in January 2003. The acid reflux I have had for 6 years had moved into my stomach, I never new how uncomfortable heartburn could be. I saw a doc and he prescribed protonix. ... (3 replies)

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