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... that should solve the problems if any questions remain after colonoscopy. Like I said earlier, it sure sounds like your gall bladder could be the culprit! ... (6 replies)
... but I've been doing a lot of reading online, and it seems that the most common problem people experience after gall bladder removal is diarrhea, usually after eating a meal that's high in fat. ... (12 replies)
... I agree, stay away from anything spicy, greasy or fried. Before I had my gall bladder out salty foods and chocolates bothered me and it took a while to tolerate those again. ... (3 replies)

... Hello, recently my mother had her gall bladder removed (it was very infected) and even though she has been told that she can eat normal foods again, she still has a lot of pain and discomfort and is only eating very plain foods such as turkey, bread, etc. She is too exhausted still to go to a nutritionist yet and the doctor hasn't really given her much help with food... (3 replies)
... have you also had an ultrasound of the gall bladder? ... (6 replies)
... motility drug including narcotics and meds like Lomotil set off excruciating upper abdominal pain exactly like I had before gall bladder surgery. ... (4 replies)
... Staci, gas pains are very common after gall bladder removal. Type gas gall bladder in google. I have friends who had gas and diarrhea after gall bladder removal. I am having endoscopy today and will post afterwards. ... (32 replies)
... Everyone is different when you recover from gall bladder surgery. It has been two years now since I had mine done and still have gas and bloating. ... (1 replies)
... op after my lap choley. I was great for four days and then I awoke with severe burning and nausea in my stomach. ... (10 replies)
... I haven't had my gallbladder out but I can tell you how to remedy the constipation problems without laxatives: Start by drinking at least 64 oz. a day of water,start increasing your dietary fiber intake to 25-35 grams a day, take a fiber supplement twice -three times a day. this part is the most important- sit on the toilet at the same time everyday for 30 minutes to have a... (3 replies)
... op following a laprascopic gall bladder removal. I have been experiencing chronic constipation that has been really bad. ... (3 replies)
... I have had the same problem with pain after gall bladder removal. I have undergone 2 ERCP's to drain the sludge out of my bile ducts. I was getting the same gall bladder pain after it was taken out so my doctor performed an ERCP. ... (6 replies)
Apr 6, 2001
... I have posted "problems after gall bladder removal". I was wondering what the pain symtoms are like that you have. Is it in the sternum area. A pressure like a semi truck is on it with sharp pain. ... (28 replies)
... yrs ago. I don't know if the constipation and the gall bladder removal are related, but I'm at a loss to blame it on anything else. I have been tested for celiacs disease twice now. My thyroid and hormone levels are normal. ... (3 replies)
... we are focusing on the gall bladder at this time. My GI doctor has brought up the possibility of gall bladder removal surgery. ... (18 replies)
Apr 19, 2004
... after GB removal and before Colestid. I'm just so glad to have found out about it, and have success with it. ... (17 replies)
... Its been 5 months now since my gall bladder has been removed and i still have pain where my gaul bladder used to be. i also get bloating and pressure alot .sometimes it feels like im going to have a heart attack or something. But after i ly down the pain subsides. ... (1 replies)
... When was your surgery and when was your last bowel movement? Did you take pain meds such as vicodin that would be causing constipation? You may not be eating enough fiber or drinking enough water to have normal bowel movements, 25g fiber-8-10 glasses of water. A fiber supplement such as Citrucel or Metamucil might help, ask your doctor; also ask your surgeon if Miralax... (1 replies)
... I hardly ever go to the bathroom.. #2 I have tried natural remedies and prescriptions (laxatives) and my stomach hurts from not going to bathroom enough. Maybe someone has a similar experience with a solution, please share.. (1 replies)
... I haven't been feeling well the past week and I attribute it to my after gall bladder removal issues. ... (9 replies)

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