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... My name is Ben I am 15 years old I had surgery March 6, 2008 on my infected gallbladder. Since then I have had the biggest challenge with eating. I knew that after surgery I would have trouble eating but not this bad. I'm sick to my stomach everyday and no relief the only relief I had was when I didn't eat for a month. ... (4 replies)
... I had my gallbladder removed in january but i the only part of your symptoms i had was vomiting a lot and i had bad diaherea but besides that none. ... (4 replies)
Hida scan
Jul 7, 2007
... No stones, no replication of symptoms during the CCK, I would talk to a couple different doctors about removing your gallbladder and the odds of helping you. I know you had a low function but I would really think it over. I guess it depends on how bad you really feel. ... (13 replies)

... Angie, what happened after the surgery? ... (33 replies)
... t my EF was 9.5, which is why they took it out, but he hopes that taking it out worked. I have 15 staples, which I found weird, because no where I read abou thte surgery did I hear about using staples. The lady next to me in the hoppital had open, and had 18 staples, so I was like, are you sure mine was better. ... (12 replies)
... ced, and dehydrated, they also said my liver enzymes were up as well as the bilubrium levels. I had the black stools. The pain I had was severe, one of the worse gallbladder attacks Ive felt ever except it was removed. ... (10 replies)
Lctose intolerance
Nov 14, 2005
... Ultimately, after multiple trips to the doctor, she had a HIDA scan... ... (2 replies)
... Has anyone ever had this ? I had my gallbladder removed last July days afterwards were awful the surgeon ended up injecting a long needle where my gb was taken out to numb the area the pain was unreal, as the shot was that never helped either only made it worse !!! 3 months later IBS set in- that's awful ! I had 2 ultrasound tests done later cuz I still wasn't feeling... (0 replies)
... He told me to take the week off work which threw me! After reading the stuff here, I understand why. ... (22 replies)
... I did have bad spasms after the surgery for about 4 months but they are now gone as everything is settling down and my digestive system is getting back to normal. ... (15 replies)
... I am 26 and I have two children 8 and 5. Three and a half years ago I had my gallbladder out. Before I started having gallbladder attacks I had lost about 70 pounds. ... (3 replies)
... They said my tests were all normal, and then found out my gallbladder was inflamed. ... (4 replies)
... ve in an area where there's an extreme doctor shortage. So I have to wait yet another 2 weeks in pain before my next doctor's appointment. And probably 2 weeks after that for more tests, and probably 2 weeks after that before I'm told once again they don't know what's wrong with me! ... (4 replies)
... Hi, thanks for your input! Does your GERD reflux go away after surgery? ... (11 replies)
... more surgery ? ... (5 replies)
... I really appreciate the responses. My first time having major surgery. I guess I'm more worried about all the pain i'm having. In my back, in my side. I've already did alot of walking. I guess it could be possible some gas is still trapped. I'm not sure. My GI dr is doing an EGD the first wk of October to check for gastritis. That's all I need! (7 replies)
... It took me a little longer to recover my energy after surgery, but nonetheless, I did recover. I was having a ton of symptoms prior to surgery, such as extreme dry mouth, tingling in my fingers. ... (39 replies)
... Has he had his gallbladder checked? ... (2 replies)
... I also had an ERCP post gallbladder removel, but I had had a couple before that. Make sure your doctor does at least 2 a week. ... (6 replies)
... I had my gallbladder out in October and I feel so much better. I did not have stones but had a very low squeezing action. ... (3 replies)

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