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... Taking a malox relieves the heartburn symptoms temporarily, but if I go to eat or drink some things a little later, they come back. ... (0 replies)
... I would also like to recommend that persons suffering from acidity and heartburn should drastically reduce their intake of tea, coffee, cigarettes, wine, meat, alcohol and other intoxicating beverages. Avoid citrus fruits and their juices. Tomatoes, lemons come in this category. ... (0 replies)
... Ok I typed this out and it seems very long, so I let me provide a bulleted version: * overall shape: 33 year old male, healthy weight, healthy diet. No smoking. * symptoms: sour taste after eating anything at all; chills associated with eating and BMs. If NOT taking antacids, I feel hunger much sooner after eating (meal size being constant). Throat tightness after eating... (12 replies)

... I have the same problem! But it's not every time I drink, only sometimes; and not only when I drink a certain type of alcohol. Really unpredictable. People tell me it's probably heartburn too, but I know it's not - it's a very full-feeling pressure like you described, not a "burn". Unfortunately eating doesn't help (I usually feel too "full" to let anything go down my throat!)... (3 replies)
... but now, after 8 months I am finally able to eat sensible foods, and live without pain. The thing is though, I have constant heartburn whether I eat or not. ... (0 replies)
... Hey Zoegirl, Glad to hear that your bad days have become fewer and fewer.....that's great! It's weird-- I've heard some people say that alcohol gives them terrible heartburn and pain, and I read another post where the poster said the same thing as me-- that having a glass of wine helped her to eat. I don't know what to make of it, but when my GI doc recommended it, I... (2 replies)
... I've had this problem for years. When I drink anything other than wine, I get a pain in my chest. Most people tell me its heartburn, but its not the usual burning in the chest. Its a pressure. If I eat some bread or pretzels it eases it, or if I just bring up what I drank (yuk!), but I'm only talking about 3-4 drinks. Anyone else have this problem? I don't drink often (3-4... (3 replies)
... axed too. Frustrating, huh! Hubby thinks I'm being snobby when I go to bar and if they don't have white wine I drink pop or bottled water. Its like an allergy to alcohol or something. ... (3 replies)
... I'm not really sure what heartburn is, so as far as I know, I don't get it. ... (1 replies)
... Well, some people just have a slightly more sensitive digestion. Other people have allergies. Other people have joint pain. It may be that you just need to avoid alcohol, pizza and overeating. If it keeps happening after you adjust your diet, then see a gastroenterologist. (11 replies)
... Do not drink bubbly drinks or soda or too much caffeine. No alcohol either. No acidic foods, like lemons, oranges, pickles or tomatoes. Probably more that I have not listed are the no nos. ... (10 replies)
... there is no way I can lie down when I get this and I find meat and alcohol bring it on. ... (62 replies)
... Yes i think that alcohol was not a good idea. i was feeling better so thats why i thought i could handle it. but i was wrong. ... (151 replies)
... Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and would appreciate some help understanding symptoms that I've had for some time. I've only started to get them under control and have a clearer picture of how my body is reacting negatively to food. I still don't have a diagnosis yet, mostly due to long wait times to see different specialists, and was hoping other people had a similar... (3 replies)
... erhaps the best way to visualize what may be happening is to consider any wound that you may have on you body. If you rub salt into it, it may sting. If you pour alcohol on it, it will sting. If you rinse acid into it, there is a good chance that the wound will become inflamed. ... (89 replies)
... ave been in the past 4 months, but I was only having nausea at the time. The nausea has gone away and that was what my first EGD was for. I used to have a lot of heartburn a number of years ago, when my diet was not good and I drank a fair amount of alcohol. ... (16 replies)
... Immediately following the endo I had a lot of heartburn so the doc prescribed omeprazole and he called what I was then experiencing, GERD. ... (0 replies)
... Hello, I am a young 22 year old male with a history of upper right quadrant pain (sometimes dull, sometimes cramping/tightening and sometimes upon deep breathing) , heartburn/GERD, chest and back pain for over a year. I was completely healthy until a alcohol binge on my 21st birthday (which I neither planned for or am proud about). I immediately had upper right quadrant... (2 replies)
... Two nights ago I went out with friends and had some drinks. Whenever I've drank in the past I've been sure to take a Prevacid because alcohol was one of the triggers in terms of terrible heartburn. I didn't take it this time and didn't experience any unpleasant heartburn. ... (1 replies)
... (3 replies)

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