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... First, let me start out that I've had GI problems off and on since high school. In high school I was put on Zantac for awhile due to indigestion, mainly due to stress. ... (5 replies)
... I woke up a few times in the night feeling pain and slight nausea. When I got up this morning the pain increased for a few hours and now it's staying about the same. The flatulence is gone but I have a lot of belching. My neck, right shoulder, and shoulder blade hurt now too. ... (5 replies)
... Ok... well, the AcipHex didn't do much and I think I'm going to stop taking it and switch to the dicyclomine to see if that works. ... (5 replies)

... Had sonme sharp rib pains along with pains all over body and a fatige feeling in my legs, Had a Stress test Heart is excellent. ... (0 replies)
... bath in Epsom salt, I put some menthol in it. He stayed in there about 45 minutes. I gave him a big glass of cold water, the Alka Seltzer, had him take magnesium and calcium, drink more water, then he went outside for fresh air. He seemed better. I think he has some massive inflammatory process going on. ... (9 replies)
... For years I've had this really strange starts in my right jaw, travels to my neck, chest, and back, and left about this point I start to belch. The pain practically knocks my breath away. This has been going on for years. ... (0 replies)
... dle of having many many tests. I feel absolutely fine in the morning when I wake up. As soon as I put ANYTHING in my stomach, within minutes, I get a right sides pain under my rib cage. Bloating........ ... (3 replies)
... our questions I've have blood tests for heart, heart cath, echo, stress thalium a few months back. My cardiologist in the past 20 years has known about my chest pain and upper back pain and has done numerous tests. ... (8 replies)
... Solutab the GI doc gave me on Friday after my scope because when I took a few doses a few yrs ago it made my heartburn 10 times worse so I've been putting it off and now I know why!!.. I went this morning and checked out the side affects you can have with Prevacid? ... (8 replies)
... i just cant figure out what's wrong with me! i've had tests done, ultra sounds, liver enzymes and everything is normal! ... (4 replies)
... yr old mother of four an a full time RN. I have suffered from generalized stomach upset for years now. But approx. a year ago, I started having left sided chest pain , pressure, SOB. and alot of belching. I refused an EGD at that time. ... (7 replies)
Jun 26, 2014
... pain is in my abdomen between ribcage and belly button, this is a burning nauseated feeling that I can only describe as of I could be sick id feel better. ... (2 replies)
... Absolutely and they are awful, feels like someone is drilling a hole through my upper back. Also get the pain in my jaw, neck and face where I have to squinch up my face, it's so bad. It usually correlates with lots of belching so I am sure it's gas. ... (5 replies)
... Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I'm tired of feeling bad the majority of the time. My dr.'s have given up and I don't feel any better. ... (13 replies)
... me out and bear with me because I'am desperate because of my health. ... (0 replies)
... gastritis a year ago. I have been managing it with Prolosec, Maalox after meals and controlling my diet. ... (0 replies)
... um for a few months before endo from my regular DR but when I went to gastro Doc. after endo he put me on Protonix because it was cheaper. 2 a day the first week and then one a day. As I got worse I went back to 2 a day until I started the itching which took me a while to connect to the Protonix. ... (16 replies)

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