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... I too was diagnosed with biliary dyskinesia last summer. My ejection fraction was 8. ... (13 replies)
... Hi sciencelady, I'm glad that you have a surgeon that is willing to take it out. I was like you, the symptoms just kept getting worse and more "defined". In the beginning it was more vague. Right before surgery my back was bothering me alot, I guess it was the stones that I "supposedly" didnt have? To answer your question, the nausea has definitely gotten better. I do get a... (13 replies)
... Thanks, Denise! Your support is really helping me. I already met with this same surgeon back in the fall just a couple of months after I started having problems. He said that he would take my gall bladder out then, because it very possibly could be causing my symptoms. My present symptoms are even more gall bladder like now. I didn't have as much discomfort in the RUQ as... (13 replies)

... Hi Sciencelady,So good to hear from you! Sounds like you are having a really rough time of it. Sorry you had a bad experience with your hida scan. Maybe you have some stones that the u/s didnt pick up? That happened to me, remember me telling you that the surgeon found stones once he got in there? Before my surgery, I felt exactly the same way as you do now. I had a constant... (13 replies)
... Hi Denise - I've been away from my computer for awhile. Yes, I heard from my HIDA scan. They said that it came back at 50% - but we're not sure if that is accurate because there was a problem with the 2nd injection. Most of it ran all over my arm, so after monkeying around for 15 min. trying to decide what to do, they started the 2nd injection all over. So, I got part of... (13 replies)
... Hi Sciencelady, Just wondering if you got the results from your hida scan? I've been thinking about you... (13 replies)
... Mindyp - Thank you so much for your reply. That is just the kind of pep talk I'm looking for. You and Denise are inspirations to those of us that are struggling through this right now. I'm now convinced that this is my problem and am looking to get it resolved. I am still waiting to hear about my most recent HIDA scan. I have a GI appt. in a couple of weeks and will... (13 replies)
... Hi Sciencelady, Sorry to hear you had a bad night. I know how it feels. To answer your questions, no, I havent actually thrown up, as soon as I feel the least bit nauseous I take a half of a phenergan, I am such a big baby when it comes to throwing up, it's almost like a phobia! If my kids gets a stomach virus, I am a nervous wreck! I have had some loose stools but not... (13 replies)
... Hi Denise - I'm going to call about the HIDA scan today. My Dr. is in a big GI group (7 docs and a couple of PA's) - they are always really busy and not that fast at getting back to people. I didn't have a good night last night. I woke up about 3:30 am feeling pretty "green". I started to get discomfort (pressure, aching, burning) that moved around my RUQ and (front and... (13 replies)
... Hi Sciencelady, So glad to hear from you! I've been checking all my post trying to find you. I've been thinking about you. I'm now 3 weeks post op and for the most part I'm feeling pretty good. I've had a couple times this week that I felt a little nauseous but not too bad, thank goodness that I still have some phenergan left. ;) Just a half of a tablet makes it go away. I... (13 replies)
... Hi Denise - How are you doing after your surgery? Is your nausea and pain gone? I had my 2nd HIDA scan on Friday and don't know the results yet. When they did the 2nd injection, I felt burning along my front rib line and then pressure under my ribs below breast. That night, about 3 am I felt really awful. I woke up to bad diarrhea, nausea (worse then usual) and then a... (13 replies)
... Hi April. Just thought I would give you an update, my surgery went well, I did have to stay the night though because I couldnt get my pain under control. I was discharged the next morning at 8:30. I have healed well, I am still taking things slow, I am now 12 days post-op and just this week starting eating more "solid" low fat foods. I didnt have the nausea after surgery but I... (13 replies)
... Everybody heals differently, so simply because others take a long time to heal does not mean you will. As for the horror stories you've read, try also to do regular research from medical sites and that sort of thing, rather than just relying on personal stories. I say that because the people who tend to post on these forums, myself included, are people who are having... (13 replies)
... Hello, I am new here so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right?...Anyway I have been having nausea and urq pain for about a year. I had an ultrasound, it was neg. for stones. I had a hida scan, it came back borderline at 30% e.f., my surgeon says to take it out and surgery is scheduled for next week. However after reading alot of horror stories on here about having constant... (13 replies)
... I had my gallbladder removed 3 months ago. Everything went fine until 2 weeks post-op same pain came back. Since then I have the same pain I had prior to the surgery. All of my liver function and pancreatic functin test have come back normal. MRCP ( MRI of the Biliary ducts ) showed a pancreatic devision. Endoscopic ultrasound suggested Pappilary stenosis. Does... (1 replies)

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