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... I had a severe bout again last night, after I drank about 1.5 beers. Extremely bloated stomach with great trouble breathing. ... (10 replies)
... ave set time schedule every day for sitting on the toilet to move your bowels. Allow up to 30 minutes for this and read,listen to relaxing music, or do slow deep breathing exercises to help relax your mind,body,and the sphincter muscles to relax to make it easier to go. ... (7 replies)
... I get very, very bloated sometimes... like looking 9 months pregnant bloating. ... (10 replies)

... Some of your breathing stuff sounded like asthma. Not the stomach part, no, but the breathing thru a straw part. Ive heard that that is how an asthma attack feels, like you are breathing thru a straw and then chest tightness may or may not be present. ... (61 replies)
... But, sometimes I have trouble breathing with the bloat and very distended abdoment. I had a very bad "episode" on Thursday and was near tears and also close to calling 911. Could I have died...? ... (61 replies)
Nov 10, 2003
... Lately I find my abdominal area becomes bloated with almost anything I eat or drink. ... (2 replies)
... ried food and the hot chocolate are probably the culprits unless you are talking a lot of cheese. If you smoke that can also cause bloating and gas and of course breathing problems. You need to revamp your diet completely and eat some healthy food. ... (12 replies)
Bloated belly
Jul 25, 2009
... I am bloated all the time, even when I first get up in the morning. I feel bloated all the way up to my breast and my stomach feels hard and its almost like my breathing is labored. What could this be should i go to the Dr. or er? ... (0 replies)
... am no the only one having problems. I always felt that I was a strange person a hypocondriac. I have an on going problem for 2 to 3 years now first started with breathing which doctor states as asthma and the lump in throat as allergies, Put me on asthma med and Claritin. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks, Barbara Ann! I hope you continue feeling better! I have been taking Zantac 150, as prescribed by my doctor. It has helped, I think. For about 5 days, up until earlier this afternoon, I was bloat-free! I had some other problems - anxiety, restlessness, muscular pain and I was very easily winded - but things were better! Until this afternoon. :( Bloating returned,... (10 replies)
... Mine is bloated now and my left side hurts.... as it sometimes does. I am in discomfort for sure.... had acid reflux earlier as well, pretty badly. ... (61 replies)
... f "stuck" in there. My main symptom was great bloating and sometimes trouble breathing, after eating or drinking a lot of liquids. My stomach still cant get very bloated if I drink a lot of water... I think because I also swallow a lot of air and the air just doesnt pass thru like I guess a normal stomach would. ... (61 replies)
... Farmgirl31, Hi, I am new to this forum and was so interested to hear your story. I have suffered from severe SOB since June of last year. It started for me right about the same time I began to use Clonazepam after my head injury in a car accident. It didn't take long and I was addicted (2 months). I had severe episodes of dread etc... I am now working on tapering using the... (61 replies)
... wasn't able to sleep well last night..had difficulty breathing due to bloating..i took probiotics.. just put out a little gas.. ate papaya last night..2 slices and i released more gas... ... (4 replies)
... Besides your bloating does anybody get a presure in there head sinus and ears and shortness of breath? (10 replies)
... had a biopsy at the start almost 20 years ago,they suspected ibs but were not sure didnt follow up or give advice to gp have also got scarring from duodenal ulcers diverticular disease and had helicobacter.i wish i could explain my on going symptoms better,my groin abdomen lower back n thighs feel bloated beyond discomfort (11 replies)
... Hi FarmGirl, Hope you are doing well. I was doing so good starting the taper....I was at .25mg clonazepam AM & .25mg clonaz.PM. After 1 week I am now exclusively on 5mg diazepam AM & PM. Yesterday, Sunday (2 days after getting off of clonaz) I started to feel extremely "flu-like". Was very nauseous today, had severe chills and high fever and vomiting. I believe this are... (61 replies)
... My problem doesn't happen with burping, though. I do burp a lot but the odor doesn't come up at that time. It just seems to come up as part of my breathing and talking. Usually after I eat or if my stomach is very empty and growling. ... (40 replies)
... so on March 14, 2005....I had surgery. The surgery has gotten rid of other symptoms that I was having...the constant burping, bloated stomach. But needless to say, the pain is still there. ... (9 replies)
... it pushes on my diapgram. This is scarey as last time this happened I went in an ambulance to E.R. cause I really thought my stomach was going to explose and my breathing was going to stop. I've actually had to have a friend of mine push down on my stomach so I could breathe. ... (13 replies)

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