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... Smilefrog along with the pain that you get in your side and sometimes your back do you ever experience any heartburn.GB disease is not the only disease that manifests the symptoms you are describing.It could also be a symptom of Gerd or H. ... (3 replies)
Oh thepain, HELP
Jun 16, 2003
... so sorry for your troubles. Just because an ultrasound was normal, doesn't mean your digestive system is. Go back to your doctor and see if he'll order hida scan, endoscopy, and other digestive related tests. ... (3 replies)
... spasming. When the GERD is in control there is no mid back discomfort. It's not pain for me, just the type of discomfort that makes you shift around alot trying to get comfortable. ... (20 replies)

... I've been experiencing chronic nausea and some upper abdominal pain for about the past 9 months. Endoscopy, ultrasound, and CT scans have come back inconclusive. ... (1 replies)
... weeks, I got the worse stomach pains,... went off of it and back on prilosec, and I'm much happier, but ever since that one Nexium trial, my stomach has never been the same. ... (15 replies)
Jan 24, 2003
... Keep on talking to your doctor to get the correct diagnosis, but don't rule out GERD yet. It can cause a lot of different symptoms for people. ... (2 replies)
H. Pylori Story
Jan 7, 2003
... I couldn't stop vomiting. Under the advice of my doctor, I took all of the antibiotics. I continued to take prevacid for two more weeks. But after that I had pain in the middle of my chest and my throat burned. ... (10 replies)
... My symptoms usually include a pain or "something is stuck" feeling in the middle of my chest between the breastbone. I can often also feel it in my back. ... (9 replies)
... To all: Prilosec works like an antihistamine, so it could make some of you drowsy. Also, Nexium is actually Prilosec's spin off. Prilosec went off patent, so the manufacturer removed one of the elements in Prilosec and remarketed it as Nexium. Go Figure. Also, I experience left back shoulder pain as well-pretty sure it's the GERD. -jitterbug (10 replies)
Oct 2, 2002
... Hi, Lori. I was diagnosed with GERD years ago and did alot of research on it, as well. ... (3 replies)
... Thankyou so much for your reply Michelle. I just got back from my 2nd sonogram. ... (29 replies)
Ugh! Help!
Sep 17, 2001
... reflux is related to an incompetent lower esophageal sphincter, a band of muscle fibers that closes off the esophagus from the stomach to keep things from coming back up. Acidic or alkaline gastric contents return to the esophagus through the lower esophageal sphincter and cause the symptoms. ... (2 replies)
... Hi I just wanted to tell you I have felt likdethat so many times. I have had 5 upper gis ,they told me i had gerd and a smaill sliding hernia ,I took prevacid and prilosec to no avail .I also had chest pain all the time .I wa stold I have anxiety . ... (4 replies)
... Have suffered for years with reflux,,,, had every test to check why I had a pain under left ribcage---- seemed to be GERD.. Been on prilosec for few years... and have regular yearly endoscope which confirmed barretts a few years back... getting worse though-- coughing more & more.. throat feels like it's closing off,,, always clearing the throat-- GOD I hate this..... Had... (4 replies)
Jan 26, 2001
... I am on Elavil with Ambein to sleep at night. I am also on Darvon during the day for pain and I take Vicoden at night. Like you, it just takes the edge off. ... (28 replies)
... The big thing that said it all for me was pain in my chest, going into my back and just below my ribcage on my right side. ... (6 replies)

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