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... Hi Ya'll I have a question for ya'll I have been having pain in my left side under my breast and a very sore tender breast, but I've also had a weird feeling under my breast feels like a baby moving, not really hurt just weird. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this feeling. ... (89 replies)
... g on the internet about it. I can only find uterine fibroids. I guess I should have asked my rheumatologist when she diagnosed them. My pain wraps around my ribs under breast right side to the right back side. I know some of the symptoms were from the Interstitial Cystitis and some from the Fibromyalgia. ... (89 replies)
... Hi thanks Jen for the response. What is weird about my two symptoms (throat/pain under left rib) is that that is all there is. I guess it is good, don't get me wrong...better that then tons of aches and pains. My systems seem to be working fine (no constipation, dirrehea, cramps) in both areas (no bladder infections, kidney infections, pain/blood with urination). ... (89 replies)

... neck thing too. I was actually putting the neck thing down to me having menieres disease. And Yes I am always tired, but I need to lose about 20lb. It doesnt hurt to drink anything for me. I started out last October with a little twitching type pain in my right rib or near abouts. ... (89 replies)
... What you described sounds like me too, exactly!!!! I have the sharp pains under my arm. I will pick up something heavy and my right side will burn!! I know now that this isn't in my head, I have found this out by finding this board! ... (89 replies)
... Your symptoms are very similar to mine. My pain starts in middle of chest under ribcage and radiates to left side. ... (2 replies)
... gives me slight low grade fever. Then the injection sites are sore for a few days. The rib fibroid thing is interesting. My entire left rib cage is sore and when my arms are at my sides, I feel like I have swelling on both left and right side ribs. ... (89 replies)
... All of these replies are really scary because before I found this website I thought I was going nuts!! I thought that their was too many symptoms and none of them related to one another! I have the pressure in my right ear and I haven't even seen the dr. about it yet. I was the same way with my stomach. It burned and I felt like if I ate something it would soothe my stomach... (89 replies)
... ted to eat more, Thats when I started to get a burning feeling in my stomach, and I was bloated. I was burbing a lot and right before I would burb my chest would hurt really bad. Even my stool burned. ... (89 replies)
... If I cough hard or push on a certain spot in my upper ribs I get a sharp pain that starts through my right breast all the way up my neck. My right arm is weak at times too. I will notice that I ball up my right hand too. Do you hurt when you drink alot of liquids? ... (89 replies)
... ek later. This dr. I saw is very good cause he is older and knows more than some of these newer drs. well anyway he gave me some flu med and a shot and after we left about 5 min. ... (3 replies)
... rays and it showed where my rib had been injured, It is not the same place as the pain but my bone doc said it could be a nerve, Also my left side of my ribs sticks out farther than the right when I lay on my back. Sometimes when I have gotten bad gas My chest will hurt. ... (89 replies)
... Jennifer that is good news that you finally have a diagnosis. We can only hope that with the change in diet and the medication that you get better quickly. You will get better wont you ? Or is this an ongoing thing ? Im so glad you are a tuffy LOL but if you need that medication, you make sure you take it rather than put yourself through all that pain. Good news for me... (89 replies)
... vitamin and I am feeling better. I do still hurt sometimes if I do too much. I am not able to work anymore because I can't even lift a gallon of water without hurting. If I wash clothes I am down for days!! ... (89 replies)
... Have you ever hurt yourself in the location of the pain? ... (89 replies)
... It is not a horrible pain but sometimes I get a spasm there too! I went to see a bone doctor a while back and he said it could be a piched nerve. It is about 2 times a month and it last up to 2 days at the most, It is more like an achey pain not real sharp, But if I bend certain ways it hurts more, It's like it is real tender when it does hurt. :angel: Carly (89 replies)
... I have been having some of the same symptoms also but the pain under my right rib has also moved to the left rib, sometimes it feel like someone is pinching really hard. I have yet to be told what it is. ... (9 replies)
... for about 2 years now I have been suffering with digestive problems ... Pain on the left side of under my breast , heartburn, shortness of breath at times , food comming back up , drinks comming back up , nausa, vomiting , ect. ... Its hell.. ... (1 replies)
... Socagirl your describing something similar to what im feeling.Gosh i hope its not the problem im having.I first started getting a pain under my right breast on the bone.It started off intermittently,every few months for a couple days a week.It started off as a feeling like pressure like something was stuck there. ... (20 replies)
... I have had what feels like heart pains on the LEFT side of my chest, just under the left breast, and just a tad below. Feels like a pinching sensation almost constantly. I finally asked the doctor to do the HIDA scan for the gallbladder. ... (10 replies)

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