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... You have described my symptoms exactly! I, too, have the pain sometimes in the evenings, but never in the mornings. It seems to move around the left quadrant. Sometimes I wonder if I feel almost a flutter directly under the left rib cage. The pain's not severe, just there and annoying. ... (46 replies)
... What you described sounds like me too, exactly!!!! I have the sharp pains under my arm. I will pick up something heavy and my right side will burn!! I know now that this isn't in my head, I have found this out by finding this board! ... (89 replies)
... Hi Victoria, This is Sarika, I also have the same symptom, has anyone answered your query. In my case this pain started only few months back. I also started working out (running on trademill only) few months back only. So sometimes I think it is related, but I am afraid, as it goes away and come back. Also so many girls are exercising but they do not have any such... (89 replies)

... ok i have the same type of under my left rib cage. i get this sudden sharp pain like there's an air bubble under my ribs and it lasts for a couple minutes and it hurts if i breathe or move a certain direction. ... (89 replies)
... I understand all of your confusion that is going on with you. I have a rib fibroid which I can't find anything on the internet about it. I can only find uterine fibroids. ... (89 replies)
... Hi thanks Jen for the response. What is weird about my two symptoms (throat/pain under left rib) is that that is all there is. I guess it is good, don't get me wrong...better that then tons of aches and pains. My systems seem to be working fine (no constipation, dirrehea, cramps) in both areas (no bladder infections, kidney infections, pain/blood with urination). ... (89 replies)
... but it's more on the right than the left. THough I do get shooting pains on the left, occasionally. I was feeling very full after very little food, but it hasn't been as bad recently, and I do get some nausea. ... (10 replies)
... I keep getting a achy pain feeling right under my left brest, almost into the rib cage area and upper stomach...Could this possibly be intestional gas related... ... (89 replies)
... Burping constantly was the 1st issue along with pain in upper gastric, no appetite, started losing alot of wt. from 189 to 145 (I needed to lose but not this way) I had endoscopy with biopsy and thats when they found H-pylori, which if you read up on is a NASTY bug. took 2 weeks of antibiotic therapy and still sick I had C-T scan of abd and pelvic just today, I also need to... (3 replies)
... NOW I've been burping a lot, I have pain in left rib. it feels like the gas gets trapped there? ... (3 replies)
... I had chest pains on the left and the doctor dismiss it because he said I was just nervous. ... (9 replies)
... under the rib cage. ... (9 replies)
... tenderness in my left upper abdomen. Sometimes I can palpate and feel tenderness right under my rib cage and other times in my back at the same level. ... (13 replies)
... You have many more symptoms that I do, and I was dx with "severe gastritis". The Protonix helped get me thru a "crisis" period after an accident, but after 2 weeks, I started with the side affects........intolerable body aches; heartburn (never had before); interstitial cystitis, increased joint pains, constipation & pain with the hemroids, so after weaning down from 40mg... (7 replies)
... I have acid reflux and constipation problems as well. Both problems have a lot to do with your diet. Acid reflux gets worse when you lie down flat. I put my bed up on bed risers and I don't lie down for at least 2 hours after eating. Stay away from acidic,spicy,gassy,and fried foods as this makes the acid reflux symptoms worse. I found that L-glutamine powder twice a day... (2 replies)
... ed and even after just a couple bites of food, I felt overly full. I had tons of gas, mostly burping but I had gas all of the time. I would sometimes have random pains on the left side of my body, right under my rib cage and even up into my rid cage. It felt like there were tiny needles in my stomach, poking it. ... (2 replies)
... Well, I have been having pains that are generally up under my right rib cage and then travelling to the left under the rib cage. I also have constipation and various pains that bounce around my colon. ... (9 replies)
... Unbearable gas pains on the left side under my ribs. Usually starts a couple hours after eating culprit foods such as onions, garlic or beans. Only a small amount is needed to create the problem. ... (7 replies)
... hi i've had gallbladder removed and am still having gallbladder symptoms my pain always occured on the left side i get constant bloating in my stomach pains in my chest feeling like somthing is stuck in my throat pain by left shoulder than radiates to right i'm starting to get pains in my legs i lost about 20 pounds have gotten my appetiate back and gained about 1o back still... (3 replies)
... The pain sort of continued though, and this morning I felt a pain in my upper left side, as you said, right under the breast but not the breast itself. ... (89 replies)

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