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I've condensed it to denials only: 4. The claimant does not have an impairment or combo of impaiments that meets or medically equals one of the listed impairments-this finding is supported by the opinoin of the medical expert who considered the relevant Listings.

5. I find claimant has the residual functional capacity to perform sedentary work. claimant is limited to standing/or walking for 2 hrs but sitting is unrestricted,stooping,bending and climbing stairs ocasionally, no climbing ladders and heights. She needs to be able to lie down during lunch break in her own car, and would miss two or three days a mo. due to pain. C is able to perform simple repitive tasks.
Ltr goes on to say he must determine if my symptoms are frm an underlying med. acceptable clinical and laboratory diagnostic techniques--that could reasonably be expected to produce the pain or other symptoms.--
I must make a credibility of statements based on consideration of the entire case.

(goes explaing my symptoms and ltrs frm co-wrkr,old job attendance, testimmony frm HB)--In all, a residual functional capacity for sed. wrk is warranted in this case. States my allegations are credible and findings support these complaints, they are not inconsistent w/other evidence.
however, the severity are not commensurate w.a finding of disability based on listings and do not support any limitations that are not more restrictive than what is already described. while it is resonable to expect her condition would result in certain amt of pain and funtional limitations, the degree in which the claiment,hb,cowrkr allege she is limited is not fully supported by the overall medical evidence.
RE: Fibro there is no evidence claimant has had persistance and unrelenting symptoms or that fatigue is debilitating, in fact the c reported her pain waxed waned. Moreover, phiysical exam showed transient tenderpoints.

Ltr states has considered the self assesment by c, and I find the c's own residual func. cap. assement is quite exaggerted in its limitations and unsuported by documented pathology.
The c attempted to prtray an inactive lifesyle and she said she most of her time lying down. There is no impairment documented which requires such a lifestyle and if it is trulu the way the claiment spends her time, it is a chosen lifestyle and not one reuired by any impairment in the record.
Stmnts frm HB and crkr not fully credible. They r not medical prof and lay witnesses they not competent to make a dx or argue the severity of symptoms. The c HB is sole support for c and therefore he has a financial interest seeing the c rec. benefits. There his opinion is not an unbiased one.
...those stmnts r not supported by cliniacl or diagnostic med. evidence, in fact, c admitted she drives and runs errands such as going to Postoffice or grocery store w/ou assistance.
After considering the evidence, c medically determinable impairments could reasonablybe expaected to produce alleged symp; however the c stmnts concernignintnsity,perst,and limitng effectsare not credible to the extent they r inconsistent w/rfc assment.C dx w Lupus,etc, she's on med for this condition, however c has cont'd to complain of flareups on a daily basis. In fact sub med. evi. symptoms were result frm fibro syndrome.
Ltr also states based on there SSD dr. exam, my phys.exam was normal, I can lift /carry 20 pounds occasionally, 10lbs frequently. Shw was able to walk on uneven terain etc...
Their med. expert testified he would not expect someone to miss wrk because of an objectively studied ailment but would be expect someone to miss 25% of the mo. due to pain.
....However given the c pain and side effects of med., I find c is limited to simple rept. tasks.
6. C is unable to perform any past relevant wrk.
(last paragraph), If C had the residual funtional capacity to perform the full range of sed. wrk, a finding of not disabled would be directed by Med-Voc. rule. Also, it states a review frm psychiatrist determined the c has no med. determinable mental impa, theres a 15pg report on this, i never seen that DR.

(the new DR's due to new ins. would not fill out any form, due to they do that anymore, so I never turned in what my limitations r frm my own DR).
Voc. expert said I would need to lie down during lunch brk and miss 2 days per mo. based on her knowledge,exp. and he accepted her test. to be credible.

I'm not sure if I should continue w/appeal, or should I go to old Rheumy/out-of-netwrk, and see if he can help me fill out an RFC form, see last time I seen him 2006, he stated range motion was ok, but a little pain. This was also used on my Decision. Sorry so long, I need oppinions plz.

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