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Just a bit of an update:
We received the award letter today.

I do have a few more questions if anybody is still reading. :confused:

The part where it tells you what the back pay will be, is that before or after the lawyer fees? I was confused there. It just gave a sum and said what the lawyer fees would/could be (which we knew already), but did NOT say whether the sum was before or after those fees.

It also said that the first payment would be for June 2010 and we would recive it at the end of July. It did NOT say when to expect the back pay...anyone have any idea of a time line there?

Also, from what I understood at SSI, my hubby will qualify for a small amount, plus a retroactive amount as well. They said they break that down to 3 payments. Is that correct? The amount they said he was entitled to was about $17k but they said we would receive payments int he amount of 2200K each....I am not great in math but 3 X this amount does NOT equal 17000. :confused:

Oh, and about medicare. They showed how they are taking the $110 out of his monthly check for the medicare. Before we applied for this disability, he qualified for medicaid, which is free to us. It was my understanding that with SSI, he would qualify for medicaid as well, so do we still need to pay this 4110 each month into medicare? I am so confused by all of this.

Ok, and one more question, the children we were told can be added after the first monthly benefit for my husband. They also said their pay is retroactive as well. Does this mean between the SSI, the children's back pay and my husband's back pay there will be THREE seperate payments??

Ay-yi-yi....this is all so confusing. You'd think they'd make it easier to understand. :dizzy:

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