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Re: Age
Jul 7, 2011
[QUOTE=mscat40;4794662]It is not as easy as you may think to "scam" social security. It is so easy to point fingers and judge others, when you have no clear idea as to exactly what is going on with that person... you may think you do because looking at the person , you do not see obvious disabilites.. That does not mean anything at all. Someone you know may go to you and claimn they got on SSI with a breeze, when truth is , they went through hell. SSI is actually a much more difficult program to qualify for. You have to be disabled and meet the income requrements, and when you do meet all the requirements your unable to live a nice life on SSI. It pays very little, and does not go up . Trust me, people who have SSI are NOT living the high life. Your practically dirt poor, close to losing your home , it is not enough to even pay a monthly rent. The medical insurance SSI recipents get are for the lowest of the lowest income people there are . It is NOT great. Your able to only see certain Dr's , and more and more Dr's are not taking or expecting the low medical insurance.
Remember that the person applying for SSI or SSDi has to go through the same steps and stages of disability as anyone else. If it were so easy to get awarded then many more people would be cheating the system .
Nobody I know who has disability is living the good life, especially those on SSI. I think people have the misconception that it is a "free ride" Far from the truth. SSI is so closely monitered that if u do make a penny more in income it is counted against you. You lose your SSI like that. You have to report every cent all the time. I cannot understand why someone would be upset that u are on SSI .
Especially the children. For example AUTISM diagnoses has increased in years in children .... these childrens parents can file for SSI for their kids. This is a very serious developmental disability. Lets say you are a single parent. Go ahead and try to financially raise a child with something like that for 18 yrs on your own. Do u think that the parent of the child should not file for SSI ? What if the child has Downs Syndrome? These are lifelong disabilites. Are u going to be so quick to judge them too?
What about children who are abused so badly they get brain damage? Until you have personally witnessed these things , or experienced them yourself then it is best not to judge those who are on SSI, you do not know why, or the whole reasons they are found to be disabled..
Focus on yourself, and your own families, pray that your claim in processed smoothly, and you are awarded. Who cares how old a person is, under 50 yrs old, and found disabled enough to get on SSI or SSDI , is between social security and you. Who are we to judge and point fingers? that happens out of anger and resentment when you do not get what you want, or wonder why others have it so easy, that is B.S when it comes to social security. Nobody has it easy when disabled![/QUOTE]
The person i talking about told me point blank how he bluffed his way past the SSA doctors and was awarded ssi and ssdi before me and i applied before he did, also the SSA did not send me to their doctors i had to get grants from my local hospital for my medical evidence for my ssdi claim. He based his claim on mental and liver disease witch was caused by his heavy drinking problem. So when he received his back pay I found him passed out in the hallway of the apt. building we lived in, so I know that the ssi/ssdi process can be scammed, so us tax payers were paying for his booze, also I know people who are on ssi and work under the table that's how they get away with it, I saw a woman get out of a brand new Lexus she said she owned it because I made a comment about how nice it was and the next day i saw her in the super market using a link card for food.So the system is flawed very badly.

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