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Re: Back pay??
Aug 23, 2011
[QUOTE=MagicPotion;4826705]Hey guys,can anyone explain how back pay works for SSI? The whole thing is confusing![/QUOTE]

All I really do know for sure is that backpay for SSI is paid in Increments. When a person recieves their approval letter their will anther letter explaining how much benefits you get a month and your date of onset. Then it will show your backpay and how you will be paid. A person who recieves SSDI will recieve their backpay all at once. Anther thing I remember about SSI backpay. Social Security wants the amount spent down , because this is a income based program. you can only have $2000 in assects , so it is not allowed to save this money , you will lose the money if it is too high. That is why SSI is paid in installments. your allowed a certain time to spend down the money. I know for children the parents have to be approved for what they want to use the child's money for. They have change the rules a lot for the kids. Because social security wants to make sure the money is spent for the child's needs only.

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