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... dical, being that it is my back...who knows if I'll need another surgery. In fact, I don't have any intention on settling at all, but I am curious of what their next steps are going to be, so that I am prepared. My Dr. ... (6 replies)
... ould do whatever I need. I think putting him on the spot got the forms filled out. He was leaving for vacation and I said "oh, I really need these for court next week". I knew if I left there without them that they would not be done. He didn't write anything extra which would have been nice. ... (13 replies)
... My 12 weeks of FMLA runs out next week and I still have no answer for my back pain which is made worse by my job. ... (5 replies)

... what next ? ... (3 replies)
... Hey everybody, I have my 2nd ALJ hearing coming up at the end of next week. It's actually being called a Supplemental hearing to the first one. I'm getting so very nervous. ... (9 replies)
What comes next
Jul 12, 2011
... Thanks again Spine. You make some excellent points. I am considering them seriously. Thanks again! Big help>>>> (58 replies)
What comes next
Jul 12, 2011
... BlueSkies: Your minimum benefit is unique. I have never seen anything like it and I worked for 5 major insurance companies and 2 of them are the top disability ins companies in the US. But, an employer can request something unique and the price of premium can be adjusted to provide a more generous LTD benefit. I'm wondering why your retiree medical is so high considering... (58 replies)
What comes next
Jul 7, 2011
... As far as WC is concerned I told him from the start not to file WC claim, because it was right after he told them at work that he fell that the next day he got called in about his job performance and the day after that he got the verbal warning. ... (58 replies)
... Why do you think the judge told you this? Are you pretty young? What is your disability? (17 replies)
... d because he stated that going into the hearing he planned on only approving me for one years worth of disability and then it would auto terminate. So that means next month my case is due for review. When sould I expect the letter about the review? ... (17 replies)
... Congrats on your win! SSA will send you lots of mail for the next 1-2 months. You'll get your official notice of award, info about Medicare if you are now eligible (which is 2 years, 5 months from your date of onset), info about accessing your information online, etc. (10 replies)
... Next comes the money honey! (10 replies)
... Hi, I had my hearing on 1-20-2011 and received my fully favorable decision letter yesterday. Can anyone tell me what happens next? Thank You (10 replies)
... Thank you for the encouragement. The meeting this morning with the 2nd attorney went extremely well. She told me that she took a case all the way to the State Supreme Court and won. So she's got alot of fight in her and really that's what you need in an attorney. So we'll see what happens next. (12 replies)
... Recieved a denial of the appeals council what is the next step? ... (3 replies)
... st told from DDS that they recieved my report TODAY and the doctors there are reviewing it and my records. They should have it done on their end the beginning of next week then it goes back to the SS dept. ... (7 replies)
... I think a lot of people don't get specific enough on the forms that are filed. Be specifc, be honest and don't be afraid to tell it like it is. Good luck to you next week. ... (13 replies)
... can and can't do should be easy and not forced, taking time to think about the what you think is the right answer is going to make the judge put a question mark next to your answer. ... (42 replies)
... Claudia, I have to comment on your Baker act.... It's never a FUN experience to have to go through ever... No matter how long ago it was ! In California it is called a 5150. Same darn thing! I shall admit, I have been there, done that a few times too. NO, it was not several yrs, ago either.... And no i was not drunk.... (sigh) Must agree with you though, I absolutely HATE it... (42 replies)
... I said overnite... was that in my favor that I was baker acted, or was it against me that they didn't keep me for the usual 3 days, but released me the next day? ... (42 replies)

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