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... Babs, my Neurologist moved last year from Moorestown to Stratford. :mad: My other treating physicians I can actually "walk" to their offices. :D Filing out all those forms can get a little overwhelming & you will be signing your life away believe me. However, what helped me was a medical dictionary which I picked up from my local Dollar Store & a prescription (pills)... (8 replies)
... I have back multiple injuries and surguries, and applied for SSI, and just finally got a Handicapped sticker for parking (I've been injured badly for a year). I was just wondering what other kinds of help does the state provide for someone in bad health (hopefully just temporary)? I live in NJ. The sticker has been such a huge blessing so far. Just wondering what other... (8 replies)
... Spine is exactly right. I read a very interesting article recently re: SSD and it went into depth re: the logic used by Congress when they implemented all the policy. The article said that Congress' motivation for a 5 month waiting period was that it was expected that the person use the resources they already have available to them via their employer (short term disability,... (6 replies)

... The 5 month waiting period for SSDI is a non-benefit paid period. SS will not provide you benefits for that period UNLESS you qualified for SSI. Part of the reasoning behind this is that this benefit is not meant to be payable to anyone disabled for less than the 5 month waiting period. In addition it's expected that someone would use their own resources (i.e. savings) or... (6 replies)
... Hey there neighbor! :wave: No the cell phone is NOT for emergencies. :D The casinos & the State Police are supplementing the cell phone program for the disabled/seniors. :) The State Police will let you know when there is another open enrollment in your local & county newspapers. They normally do this approximately 2-3 times a year @ your County Office and/or... (8 replies)
... applied 1 month ago....nobody told me that I would need it. So, I am caught in a rock and a hard place now. My temp disability ended, and I only just applied for SSI now, so I am without income. As you can see...I will need all the help I can get. ... (8 replies)
... That would depend on the "county" you live in. I don't know how SSI works however, when I first received SSDI, my local SS office gave me a booklet with a listing of all my county offices that does things for the disabled/seniors. In my county I am entitled to: A free bus that will take me to all my doctors appoitments anywhere in So. Jersey. Free transportation to... (8 replies)
... My state had an extremely high unemployment rate at the time I initally filed for SSDI. ... (8 replies)
... Are these perks found on your state's disability website? (8 replies)
... Other perks may include a discount on your utilities, no charge to park in public parking garages, reduced fees at state parks, and the list goes on. ... (8 replies)
... If you are still working and you live in CA, RI, NY, NJ, HI or PR there is state Short Term Disability for people who need to be off of work due to a disabling condition. ... (1 replies)
... Sorry I will rephrase the best I can , thoughts are somewhat scattered nowadays.... When I just couldnt stand being on pain killers for my back and hips, anymore I found I couln't stop taking them. So I had to enter rehab. During that time I was collecting Temporary Disability. There was a maximum to the benifit amount anyone can collect regardless of how high your prior... (9 replies)
... Not sure what state you are in. In NJ you need to file a motion with the court. They hold you responsible for the 6 months you did not work. ... (2 replies)
... I'm from Northern New Jersey. I just applied the other day. I hope it doesn't take 3 years. How does one survive? I would have to go back to work and be in horrible pain. How would I do it? My friend got it on her first try in about 3 months. She had to see one of their doctors first. I have enough documentation so hopefully it will go through. (8 replies)
... 3 and 1/2 years huh? I guess this is a good test of my patience. LOL. I just feel like everything is getting so complicated right now. I feel like I keep screwing up with all these rules all over the place. UGG! I can only learn so much from brochores and sites like these...the rest is trial and error. How are you?? Since you are in CHill....are your MD's near you? Or do... (8 replies)

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