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i am new too and so far i've spoken with peggy. i would like to have or continue on a more regular basis of talking with someone sharing our day to day stuff about our kids. i look forward to coming to the board and reading. i just don't know which one to go to. i don't keep track of how many answered to what its too much. should we just start a new topic? about my girl. she is 9 and has been mainstreamed all her 9 years. she is in grade 4 and has an assistant part-time. right now her goals are based on a grade 1 level. she started reading last year and she is printing and doing spelling tests this year she's starting math but that subject is more difficult as long as she has enough for lifeskills i.e. manage money i am fine i am pretty realistic about my expectations because i work in the field too. i have a younger daughter who is 6 and does know now that she can do more than her older sister but i always remind her that lizzy will always be her older sister and she needs to respect that and always treat her with dignity. that is my biggest pet peeve people who are not treated with dignity just because they do things at different levels. lizzy is also diagnosed with autistic tendencies based on her sensitivity to sensory stimuli i.e. hair brushing (yes i read those! i was so surprised it wast the first time i heard that other children hated and screamed bloody murder over their hair being touched. i swear if people walk by they'd think i was killing her.), loud noises, personal space she'll will wack you hard, incredible elephant memory,...and her aggression (?) why is aggression go hand in hand with autism? i worked with children and they are not all aggressive. anyways....some cute stories...1. lizzy always uses her sister as a swear word when she she is frustrated its stupid emily. we have no idea why? em has gotten use to it. but now what was once cute is now not tolerated. she trips its em's fault even though em is nowhere around her. if we punish her i.e. no t.v. its emily no t.v. even though she totally listens to us she just has to have the last word. we went on a buddy walk do you have those in the u.s.? its a walkathon to promote ds and we went as a family and em was just starting to learn about ds. so we arrive and all kinds of families are there some with their dog and em turns around and says " i didn't know dogs have down syndrome" too cute! another one last one cause i've been writing quite abit! :) we are at the supper table and i said something rude to my husband so he gives me the middle finger discreetly by pushing his glasses up...well ofcourse em notices and says daddy thats a bad "f" word so dad answers you mean fairy? and lizzy looks at dad and goes fuffufufuf FISH. oh we laughed she has quite the humour and sometimes she is so quick and things just click with that girl! i would love to hear more stories and experiences. i am very curious what kind of services you get in the states HEY new topic! will go and ask that now! bye

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