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I am almost 19 wks along in my second pregnancy. Recently I was informed that my quad screen results showed a slightly higher level of down syndrome for my age group ( 23-24).

Anyway, I have been referred to the high risk doctors to get further screening. My appointment is Tuesday and I will be meeting with an MS and a MD. I don't know if it will be Tuesday or another day but a higher quaility ultrasound will be ordered to see if the baby is developing okay. My question is what exactly are they going to be looking for to confirm it is DS?? I know some indications are the heart, what what is it exactly they'll be focusing on during the ultrasound?

I have strong opinions on this subject, I'm absolutely not worried about my baby having DS. My wishes for this pregnancy are that I can remain at my old doctors, have this baby in a peaceful environment and to enjoy my pregnancy. I am refusing an amino and any other treatment for the DS dignose. The only way I will continue to see the high risk doctors is if there are organ troubles, that is the only reason I see a concern to be on watch.

From your experiences, if the baby does have DS; do you think they will allow me to just go back to my regular OBGYN and have a normal pregnancy?? Do you also think they will respect my wishes???

I've been around DS for over 6 yrs. There is a 12 yr old girl in our family that has it and she is an angel, plus my husband worked in the field for a long time. I know the medical problems DS children can have, but we firmly believe our child deserves a wonderful life despite. Our families are 100% supportive of me having this baby even if he or she does have DS. I feel I have a right not to be pressured into unnessary procedures and I feel they'll treat this pregnancy like a disease instead of a blessing. With Tuesday near, I am really looking for hope that everything will go smoothly.

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