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... My fourth daughter, Sadie, had an Echogenic Intracardiac Foci also. ... (18 replies)
... Read the thread started by jackiejetta. I'm not a Dr., but I will tell you that the Echogenic intracardiac foci was the only marker they found during ultrasounds for my Sadie. My Dr. ... (2 replies)
... years old. I am soooo happy about this current pregnancy because I am having a boy. I already have 3 girls. However, I was told that the baby has this echogenic intracardiac foci in his heart, so I am totally freaked out. ... (2 replies)

... I am not sure whether you ladies can help me or not, but I thought it was worth a shot. I am right now, 20 wks pg with my first baby. I am 22 years old and DH is 28. Everything seemed okay until I got my 18-20 week u/s results back. Nurse had called and had said that the baby has an EIF (Echogenic intracardiac foci) on his heart. They told me in the beginning that I was so... (18 replies)
... Jackijetta_84 --- I was following your posts about your baby having the echogenic cardiac foci. I was just wondering how your baby is now that you've given birth..? Dana (18 replies)
... It's called an Echogenic Intracardiac Foci. ... (5 replies)
... Chris, Congrats on baby Bo!! This new journey you have started will be hard at times- but definately worth it. I don't remember the first four months of Sadie's life- I guess that was to cope- but since then, it has been tiring, stressful, scary, exciting, rewarding, and joyful! Our family has been blessed by Sadie and we continue to learn and grow in faith and courage. ... (18 replies)
... hello everyone, I am new to this site. I had an ultrasound at 24 weeks which showed 3 soft markers for Down syndrome to include echogenic focal point in the heart. Amno was positive for Down syndrome and then all the soft markers disappeared. I am still glad I had the amnio to prepare for down syndrome and all the medical conditions that could go along with it. Fortunately... (18 replies)
... hello you wanted to hear from others who had the same experience as you so i thought i would reply. The ultra sound that i had at 21 weeks picked up echogenic focus of the left ventricle, the woman doing the scan didnt make much of it she said not to worry but she had to mention it as it was in my notes and that it was quite common, of course i did worry and looked it up... (2 replies)
... ambiegirl... Congrats on the birth of your babies!!! Wish I could see a picture of your little ones. So glad your difficult pregnancy is over and now you can enjoy your son and daughter (reguardless of the blood test). Please let us know what the results are. Have fun and good luck raising two little gifts from God:angel: :angel: (18 replies)
... Momtofour gave you some great info! She covered a lot. We have a 10 month old son that has Down Sydrome, and we did not know until the day he was born. We have two other children, a 7 year old daughter, and a four year old son, and we are expecting a final addition in August. The blood work can tell you what kind it is, and our was the totally random kind. We have been... (18 replies)
... Hi Mom2four I wanted to check in with you because you really helped me when I felt very vulnerable in my pregnancy. You helped to give me a lot of courage when I really needed it and helped me see that I would cope with whatever came my way. Thank you so much. I will always remember your generosity and kindness. We had our twins a few weeks ago and after a pretty... (18 replies)
... Thank you for those words. I have been playing them over and over in my head, that there is nothing to be afraid of, that the fellow twin mom feels like the luckiest woman in the world. (18 replies)
... Here's one response... I'll keep you updated! (18 replies)
... To Mom to 4, Thanks so much for your response, you sound like a special person! Thank you for offering to take the time to send me some info / to get insight from your friends with multiples. I think it will be very useful. I agree that theoretically, anything in our lives becomes our own norm, but I need to get to a place of acceptance first.... I am trying..... I... (18 replies)
... First of all, all your feelings are perfectly normal. The fear of the unknown, the baby that is different than you dreamed for, maybe even feeling let down because you have tried so hard to have a baby. But, I believe that once that baby is placed in your arms (no matter what the outcome be) you will have two choices- to reject it and focus on your feelings or embrace your... (18 replies)
... Hi Mom to 4, I hope you can help me. I am pg with twins, due in February. Because triple screening results are distorted in twins, I did not have the luxury of that test at 12 wks. I only had the u/s which showed low risk w/ nuchal translucency of both babies. At 20 wks however, it was found that one of the babies has the EIF and I was just devastated. My OB strongly... (18 replies)
... called Echogenic intracardiac foci? ... (3 replies)
... That spot you are referring to is called an Echogenic intracardiac foci. ... (3 replies)
... My due date is February 4th. I am definately going to try and just enjoy being pg now. I know the worry will be still in the back of my mind there, but I don't want this baby to be stressed on top of everything else. DH and I have been looking at little boy clothes. I thought from the start I was having a little girl, but our u/s's definately show a peepee. : ) As a matter of... (18 replies)

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