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a dilated kidney in a baby (17)
a positive quad screen (65)
a pregnant ds (1042)
a pregnant ds (1042)
a spot on the heart at an ultrasound (44)
a woman that has one down syndrome child what are the odds for the next one having downs syndrome (31)
a wonderful son quote (603)
abnormal level 2 ultrasound (91)
abnormal quad screen (17)
abnormal triple screen (31)
about the levels of down syndrome (454)
accuracy level 2 ultrasound (10)
active baby in womb down (13)
add and down syndrome (376)
add and down syndrome (376)
adhd and down syndrome (105)
affectionate daughters (15)
afp results for my age (24)
afp results mom (12)
afp test results wait (24)
afraid of a miscarriage (209)
after of another downs pregnancy (28)
aggressive 12 yr old (30)
aggressive behavior school (159)
aggressive down syndrome (60)
agressive down syndrome (11)
all my ultrasounds are fine can my baby still have trisomy 18 (21)
alopecia - down syndrome (10)
alopecia and down syndrome (11)
alopecia down syndrome (11)
alopecia in down syndrome (11)
am i actually a retarded (78)
am i retarded (411)
am i retarted (27)
amnio 15 weeks (69)
amnio after positive screen (26)
amnio and 16 weeks (63)
amnio and fish test (11)
amnio and positive results (116)
amnio at 21 weeks (12)
amnio fish test (11)
amnio fish test results (15)
amnio for downs syndrome (80)
amnio or level ii (51)
amnio positive for ds (43)
amnio quick results (17)
amnio rapid results (10)
amnio result is positive (50)
amnio results (475)
amnio results time (134)
amnio results time for results (118)
amnio screen 1 in 18 results (16)
amnio test fish (15)
amnio was wrong (149)
amnio wrong (191)
amnio wrong? (191)
another baby after down syndrome (122)
another down syndrome pregnancy (104)
another name for the fish test (30)
anybody scared of down syndrome (16)
anyone had 1 in 8 chance of having down syndrome baby (15)
anyone had cvs had a miscarriage (10)
anyone have an amnio (155)
anyone here given birth to another child after having your down ... (27)
anyone with soft markers (23)
approved for medicaid but denied ssi (11)
are down syndrome children violent (11)
are down syndrome children violent (11)
are large head (1964)
are people with down syndrome violent (26)
are people with down syndrome violent? (26)
are there different levels down syndrome (149)
are there different levels of down syndrome (144)
are there different levels of down syndrome? (147)
are there levels of down syndrome (400)
attempting for pregnancy (75)
autism noise sensitivity (14)

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