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... ed the back of the neck, all the bones, and as you mentioned, spent a long time looking at the heart, in color.........which was really neat. I went for another ultrasound 4 weeks later, and he still couldn't see anything. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, i'm new to this, but i need to find out what the possible chances are that our baby might develop down syndrome. We went to our first ultrasound 1 week ago and it was pretty awesome, the baby waved at us :) we are 21 weeks pregnant this week. We went to go for a routine check up and the doctor told us that the baby has a thick heart valve, sumthing along those lines and... (1 replies)
... The AFP and ultrasound showed a higher chance of NOT having a DS baby when ultimately I was carrying a DS baby. All in all the test did nothing and was a waste of time and money... ... (8 replies)

... The AFP and ultrasound showed a higher chance of NOT having a DS baby when ultimately I was carrying a DS baby. All in all the test did nothing and was a waste of time and money... ... (8 replies)
... s and the amnio. This time, the Dr. measured the nuchal fold thickness and length of the bones in arms and legs. He said that the results were well within the norm. In fact, the bones are a little longer than the average which, he said, could mean that we'll have a tall baby. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, The amnio is pretty much 100% accurate. All I can say is as the parent of a 9-year-old with DS, I know that it's not easy raising her, but neither is raising my other kid, and it's not even close to as hard as I feared it would be. I laugh at what I feared back then. I would never ever give her up. (1 replies)
... My son and daughter in law have been told they have a definite risk of giving birth to a child with DS. They have had the ultrasound and amniocentisis test both of which point to DS. ... (1 replies)
... I was 34 when we conceived, and I think my age related risk was 1:400 or something like that. The AFP gave 1:137 (or was it the triple screen)? She had a short femur in utero at the 20 week ultrasound, and as the pregnancy went on, her growth rate slowed down, and I measured for low fluid. However, her nuchal fold was normal, nothing wrong with her heart, and we saw her... (8 replies)
... I had a level II ultrasound at 20 weeks gestation. We found we were having a boy then. However we look back at the tech with some hatred. ... (8 replies)
... Also did you have a Level II Ultrasound and if so at what week? ... (8 replies)
... I just wanted to let you know that we got the good news this morning from the Dr. that our girl's amnio results don't show any chromosomal abnormalities. They even went so far to say that she won't have any liver problems either, which I guess they can tell as well. ... (7 replies)
... I had the amnio, and was so sure the results were going to be positive. They were negative, baby was born 7lbs.12oz. right on time. Other than cleft palate and lip, baby was fine. ... (2 replies)
... I remember reading some posts about this on the pregancy board not to long ago. It was woman talking about getting false test results for DS and all the stress they were going through. Try and do a search on that board. ... (7 replies)
... Dear Concerned- Wait until your ultrasound before you start worrying- Triple Screen tests have a known history of coming up with "false positive" results. I know from experience, that this is the case- in fact I think they are only about 85% effective. I had to wait for an amniocentisis before they would rule it out for sure. (That is the only positive way of knowing,... (4 replies)
... I'm assuming you are comparing your last menstrual period to the measurement of the baby on ultrasound. At about 12 weeks there is a standard deviation, or ultrasound measurement error of plus or minus 3 days. So your baby may not really be big. Ultrasound is not exact so expect some measurement error. ... (2 replies)
... t further screening. My appointment is Tuesday and I will be meeting with an MS and a MD. I don't know if it will be Tuesday or another day but a higher quaility ultrasound will be ordered to see if the baby is developing okay. My question is what exactly are they going to be looking for to confirm it is DS? ... (3 replies)
Feb 22, 2006
... I then went for a Level II Ultrasound and everything was normal. They actually moved my due date back 2 weeks which from what I understand can change everything. ... (5 replies)
... I'm still waiting for the full report of the amnio which should be in around the 22nd but the FISH test only took 48hrs for results. These results have easied our minds somewhat but I'm looking forward to the full report. ... (7 replies)
... We were informed that our 20 week ultrasound showed two soft markers of DS; thickness in the neck and a calcium spot on the heart. We had another ultrasound at a specialized clinic and they found two more soft markers; enlarged opening of one kidney and a "spot" on the brain. We decided to have an amniocentisis and the FISH results have indicated that the five chromnosomes... (7 replies)
... Last week my SIL amnio results came back positive for ds. She is 20 weeks and with a baby boy. She is 40 yrs old. We are a very close family and live next door to each other. ... (2 replies)

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