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I also don't know if Clonazepam or Paxil would cause a false positive for a speedy/amphetamine-like substance, but it really doesn't seem likely at all that it would show up as a SPEEDY substance, as I believe that neither drug has any "speedy" capabilities or similarities in chemical structure. Clonazepam could definitely make you drive in an intoxicated-like manner, though, I know that for a fact. I was in court the other day waiting for my dreaded turn to face the judge (luckily I was just getting off of probation) and there was a teen that went before me that was arrested for a DUI, with the substances being Xanax (similair to Clonazepam and in the same Controlled Substance class), Zoloft, and an opiate of some sort. This was in Connecticut and from listening to the trial, it doesn't matter if the drugs were prescribed or not-you can still get a DUI for driving under the influence of certain drugs. Maybe your friend should get a lawyer. Good luck, and I'm sorry I couldn't answer your specific question.

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