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I am currently taking Lexapro (10 mg) once a day to treat my anxiety and depression and was wondering if it is safe to take Tylenol PM's with them? I sometimes get headaches and bodyaches due to my tension so I take them to help me sleep and help the aches I get. My doc told me that Lexapro is a good drug because it doesn't interact with other drugs. Anyways, I have been kinda paranoid about taking the PM's when I go to bed which in turn has made me really sore the last couple of days. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I wouldn't hesitate in taking Tylenol PM with Lexapro. All the med has is the Tylenol and Benadryl (or generic Diphahydromine) which is the other agent in Tylenol PM. If you don't need the Tylenol, you can buy the generic Diphahydromine without anything else. I don't think there would be any kind of problem with it.

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