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Re: Cortizon
Feb 26, 2006
RE: cortisone injections

Looks like you are in a rock and a hard place dude. I hope the drug cortisone doesn't stay in your system too long but I take a drug called prednisone, which is a newer form and oral form of cortisone, that they claim has fewer nasty side effects that can last up to a year. That's why when I get sick I have to carry a card around for a full year even after I get some cortisone injections or epidurals for my bad neck and back.

Anabolic steroids are what atheletes use and I know they are very very similiar in their make up but there is ONE big difference. Catabolic steroids reduce muscle fiber making a person who's been on it a long time loose muscle fibers and become weaker all the time. Anabolic steroids, the ones jocks use, build muscle fiber very very quickly.

SO if I was you I'd ask the pharmacits first, since they know more about drugs than any doctor does. Don't ask the pharmacy technician, they're just highschool graduates so ask for the pharmacies head pharmacist. They'll be able to tell you how long any drug stays in ones urine or blood if a test is being done for say a job or for competitions etc..etc..etc..

did you try going to webMD and doing a search on cortisone? There are also sights that tell you what drug increases the overall affect that the drug you are taking could cause. They even have a calculator where you plug in all the drugs, supplements, vitamins and or enyzimes you may be taking along with your Medications. Its' worth a shot or even post to netscape's newsgroups and I would post it under medications or drug usage and if anyone reads them you will be given what you need to know or someone will tell you where to go to find the answer.

KathyZ SRC *peace profound*

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