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Alcohol and lithium
Jul 25, 2006
i saw a thread on here about the effects of alcohol while taking prozac, well i take lithium and wondered if anyone knows anything about the effects of alcohol while taking this?
i was on anti depressants for a lot of years before being recently diagnosed as bipolar. I used to drink on them quite regularly and was always fine, i do get drunk quite quickly but then i always have done. I was never ill or anything, although there was one anti depressant i was on (paroxetine) that used to make me quite violent when i drank. But it also induced mania in me, which often happens when ssri's are taken when you have bipolar.
anyway, i dont go out very often now, but when i do i like to have a few drinks. I was advised to avoid alcohol when taking lithium but was told this was because it would accelerate the effects of the alcohol.last time i drank on it i was fine, i got drunk but didnt feel ill or anything.However, im worried about the possible damage i could do to my body, i dont want to make myself ill or cause any permanent damage.
does anyone know anything about this?
thanks in advance

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