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I've been on zoloft twice for postpartum depression - my daughters are 8 and 3. I took it for 3 years the first time and 2 1/2 years this time. 2 weeks ago I decided I didn't want to be on antidepressants anymore as I felt they stopped working, and OD'd on 70 zoloft and 20 xanax. I had been on the xanax for panic attacks and looking back, knew I had been abusing it. After the emergency room experience, my psych now wants me to go on celexa. I want to get through these withdrawals and see how I am without anything. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing anxiety attacks, dizziness, mood changes, sleep deprivation (the zoloft never helped me sleep anyway) and most disturbingly anorexic symptoms. I haven't eaten anything substantial for about a month, and when I do, I feel this incredible urge to vomit. I've lost over 20 lbs in 4 weeks, and have now noticed bruising on my arms and legs, dark under eye circles, my hair is falling out, and my skin is lackluster. My psych gave me klonipin to help me sleep and w/the tremors, but it just makes me feel sicker. Why is it psychological professionals just want to medicate patients and not listen to them? My husband is great, but he's out of town for 2 months training for a new job, so I'm home with the kids, packing, doing yard sales, preparing to sell the house, all while going through withdrawal. I would really appreciate if anyone would like to reply and possibly exchange emails as I've been quite lonely and have nobody to talk to who can relate to what I've been experiencing. I'm going back to the psych next week and he's going to want to drug me again, of which I will refuse. I just want something to help me sleep, and if he is unable to help, I'll just go back on benadryl and unisom 'cocktails'. Anyway, thanks for listening.

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