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well i am on cilopram and zopiclone. but i take 30mg of cilopram a day. and 3 zopiclone at night that the 7.5 mgs. but i have only been on cilopram about 7 months now. but i was told not to drink with them. but the zopiclone i have been on for 6 years now.
can i please asked you how do you feel taking the 60mg a day of cilopram. why i am asking is i don't feel any better in myself for taking the 30mg. i still feel the panic and anxiety.
but they do say with these tabltes you can lose weight or put it on.
sorry that i can not be much help.
also please can you let me know how long you have been on these.
thanks to you.
take care.
sue :wave:[/QUOTE]

is the citlopram the generic brand of celexa? cause my dr put me on celexa 20 mg and they gave me very bad side effects so i called and hes a psychiatrist and told me he couldnt nolonger help me so i should find another dr so now i have to ween off them from the bad side effects cause he didnt give me any refills but i did find a new dr but cant see him till march 23rd i still have my xanax thank goodness but what kind of dr exspecially a psychiatrist would tell you he couldnt help me anymore .i only been seeing him since dec .my thyriods were out of whack and he did check for that ,thats about the only good thing he done for me.i was suppose to see him on the 13th but i called and told him i couldnt handle the celexa and i guess he got mad my dr who gave me my thyriod meds told me i shouldnt be taking the celexa with my thyriod meds so i told my psychatrist oh well i found a internal medicine dr so i'll be fine.

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