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You've got a potentially potent "cocktail" going here. Both drugs can interact with [U]each other[/U] and [U]EACH[/U] drug interacts with alcohol.

Anafranil is a tricyclic anti-depressant and Zoloft is an SSRI antidepressant, but you know this already I'm sure.

When you take the 2 together, there is the possibility your blood concentration of anafranil will increase, which of course can lead to unwanted side effects, some serious.

Adding alcohol into the mix is a b-a-ad idea. The pharmaceutical literature for each drug states that Anafranil [B]alone[/B] + alcohol can significantly impair your motor skills, especially your driving.

And Zoloft [B]alone[/B]+ alcohol can potentiate (i.e. increase) the effects of the Zoloft, again with potentially serious side effects, although you mention that on Zoloft you managed to drink alcohol w/o problem.

But now you've added anafranil into the mix.

I'm sure your doctor is monitoring your dosages of Zoloft and anafranil carefully, but I'd bet my bottom dollar he would seriously warn you about using alcohol while on both of them.

Please be careful.:wave:

zuzu xxx

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