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[QUOTE=bostonmama;4055540]on Prozac & Abilify, as well as birth control pills. ...:)abused both alcohol and Vicodin

... Can anyone speak in general to negative experiences they've had by taking their meds with alcohol/opiates and/or provide a good source for literature on the subject?

Thanks much![/QUOTE]

Dear BostonMama - I am sorry this person is going through this mess. In general my most negative experience with someone who was taking these drugs as prescribed was not being able to attend their funeral.

People seem to think the worst won't happen to them, especially younger people for some reason. There is plenty of information on the internet about the effects of mixing drugs of this kind. I don't know what I could say that would sound any different than most of the other tragic stories.

I think female hormonal problems are dismissed sometimes as psychiatric problems or vice versa and treated inappropriately. I also know that b/c pills will cause psychiatric problems in many people, making them feel the need to sedate themselves with alcohol, opiates, antidepressants, etc. It is a vicious circle. In my opinion, she needs to stop the drugs, but be careful and DO NOT suddenly stop taking medications. Many medications have to be tapered slowly.

My understanding is it is against this Board's policy to give a reference to a 'good source of literature' other than certain approved sites, such as Federal Gov't sites. In order not to get banned, I can not help you with your request. Sorry.

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