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... I've read you cannot or should not take anti-fungal meds with xanax. First off, does anyone know why? My doctor told me it was ok to use lamisil topically for skin problems. I get a fungal type rash during the warm months on my back - it's not ringworm, can't remember what she called it. Anyway, it seems the rash spreads to my scalp because it becomes very itchy and I can see... (0 replies)
... I'm in a country where I can just buy meds OTC. I have no doctor and will not seek one. That being said, let me get to the point. I have social anxiety disorder and severe depression. I want to take an anti-depressant and (more importantly) an anti-anxiety medication. I won't take Xanax.. I feel it's overkill and will just stick to using this for recreational purposes. I'm... (0 replies)
... Which anti-inflammatory? It could be you're allergic. There are a few anti's with serious cardiac side effects. Definitely something to call your doctor about right away. (4 replies)

... is it safe to use herbal diet pills with citalopram (celexa) anti-depressants? The diet pills i bought are lipovertex. has anyone used them with anti-depressants before? I'm sure many people will tell me not to use them as it was will unsafe to combine, but just trying to get advice. thank you. (0 replies)
... I did not see this mentioned, but I am have over 20 prescriptions and have to watch closely for contra-indications. I am on morphine for my back pain and found it wasn't working well. My PM&R doctor discussed it with me. It is the Mylanta I take. My GERD meds were not working well, so I take Mylanta. Also, my cardiologist case I think I am having a heart... (0 replies)
... anti depressants need stomach acid to metabolize. PPI's take away the necessary acid, rendering the anti-depressant useless. (5 replies)
... Hi, Just was curious how many of us on here take anti anxiety meds and also have acid reflux? ... (1 replies)
... I have gastritis so I can't take Anti-in orally. The Doctor prescribed me voltaren suppositories, they by-pass the stomach. Work very quickly but hate using them. (4 replies)
... after taking Anti In for a couple of days I get a tight feeling in my chest, it feels difficult to breath - any ideas (4 replies)
... what are the long term effects of taking anti nausea (1 replies)
... I have a few beers each day and take 50 mg of Zoloft and 150 mg of wellbutrin. I was just reading on my doctors site about the risks of this and it's not good. From what I read Wellbutrin and drinking is more dangerous and can cause seizures. I don't know how dangerous all in all it is but after reading more about it I decided since the Zoloft and Wellbutrin aren't doing me... (1 replies)
... I'm sorry that you appear to have had a bad reaction to phenergan. I have used it to treat my radiation nausea in the past and found it to be very effective. Are you sure your symptoms were from the phenergan and not any other drug you were receiving? While hyperexcitability and uncontrollable movements of the face, eyes, tongue, etc. are possible side effects with this... (6 replies)
... I have been given phenergan in the hospital a few times and more than once experienced a horrible felt like restless leg syndrome only in my whole body and one time I literally jumped off the bed and had to tighten my body because the feeling was so unbearable..I researched it and it is a serious side effect or can be..can't remember the weird names they gave... (6 replies)
... Bambi, If there was such a drug, I think we would all be running to our doctors' offices! Unfortunately, there isn't. They all cause some types of side effects and withdrawals. Sorr to be the bearer of bad news. :( Z (1 replies)
... I have been on and off anti depressant meds and anxiety meds the last 9 years. ... (1 replies)
... found that out last month actually. and this is one of the SSRI anti D types of meds. ... (5 replies)
Way UPSET!!!
Sep 28, 2003
... I too was put on anti-depressants, after talking to the doctor for about 10 minutes. I went in because I was having panic attacks. She told me that I had a case of depression which was contributing to the attacks and put me on paxil(which I believe is the strongest anti-depressant out there, and I know it has the worst withdrawls) Anyways, to make a long story short, I've... (2 replies)
... Hello all, So we have tests back. The only things that were positive were the Anti-Histone which was extremely high and then the Avise CTD test showed this below: Ana IgG 25 units (normal <20) HEp-2 cell Fluorescence Titer: 1:256 (normal <1:80) CB-CAP: BC4d - B-lymphocyte-bound C4d -172 Net MFI (normal <61) Doctors diagnosis because its a male 46yo, sudden... (0 replies)
Information needed
Jul 19, 2012
... Wondering if anyone has any information to share with me on this topic? A family member had a medication change in February which involved a medication for anxiety. She was taking 6 mg which she had taken for 20+ years and was decreased to 2 mg. Two days later she started having hallunications. The first behavioral unit she went to, they felt it was dementia which she had... (5 replies)
... is a tricyclic anti d.what is this doc trying to actually treat here? ... (8 replies)

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